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A car reflects a person’s personality. Therefore, it needs to be in the top condition. The condition is not confined to the external looks alone. It also includes the interior, condition & performance of different components like tires, engine, suspension, transmission and so much more. Nevertheless, the first thing that people look at or judge is a vehicle’s physical appearance. This means that the condition of the car’s interior and exterior is of utmost importance.

If they are in poor condition, many people will be put off. This is a major problem for people looking to sell their vehicles. Trust us when we say that a poor looking car is much harder to sell. In addition to this, no one would be willing to pay good money for it irrespective of how good the other parts are. It is why we always recommend our readers to invest in timely care and maintenance of the vehicle’s appearance. When it comes to appearance, the interior and exterior matter equally.

Let us take a look at what you can do to keep the vehicle’s cosmetic condition in top shape. We will introduce you to a concept called ‘car detailing’ and also discuss why it is necessary.

What is Car Detailing?

Car Detailing

In simple words, car detailing is all about getting the best appearance for your vehicle. Imagine a brand new vehicle that has been just delivered from the factory to the showroom or dealership. Detailing is all about getting that look back once the car has been driven around for a while. Depending on what type of service you are getting, the appearance can go one step beyond the original, factory look. Yes, it is quite possible and if you are in the UAE, we have some exciting news for you.

PitStoArabia, the largest online tire retailer in the UAE has now introduced several new services. One of these services is car detailing. After having read the reviews and talked to a few friends in the UAE, we can assure you that it is worth trying and one of the best car detailing services in Dubai, UAE. The workforce is quite professional and skillful. In addition to this, they use the latest tools and techniques to get the job done. Whether you own an SUV, sedan, or a commercial van, you should check them out if you are based in the UAE.

What is Included in Car Detailing?

Car detailing includes two parts:


In this, a variety of materials are used to deep clean the inside cabin. Steam cleaning, vacuuming, use of different chemicals are the standard practice during interior detailing. For leather seats, windows, the dashboard, and other parts, different materials are used including vinyl cleaners and microfibre cloth. The hard to reach places are cleaned using small brushes. The seats might be removed as well while vacuuming to ensure no dirt remains. The AC vents are also cleaned using brushes and wet cloth.


This involves restoring the vehicle’s exterior (including the paint) to the original condition or even improving it. Therefore, the windows, tires, headlights, windscreen, and other visible components on the outside are treated with a range of products to restore their appearance. For instance, the car would be thoroughly washed using a pressure wash to remove dirt and other contaminants. Besides this, wax or ceramic coating might be applied. The windows and mirrors would be thoroughly cleaned as well. PitStopArabia is also offering ceramic coating in the UAE. It includes all the types of coats one can think of.

Top Reasons for Getting the Car Detailed

Getting the Car Detailed

We have talked enough about car detailing. Now, let us take a look at its advantages and why everyone must opt for it.


Imagine driving with poor visibility because the windscreen and headlights are dirty and have not been thoroughly cleaned. You are exposing yourself and others to unnecessary danger. With poor visibility, there is always an increased chance of an accident. During car wash services, the headlights and windscreen are thoroughly cleaned.


When sitting in the vehicle, you bring in all sorts of dirt and other contaminants with your boots. Over time, these contaminants can multiply and pose a health risk. Small bugs can cause skin irritations while dirt can cause breathing difficulties. One way to avoid all this is through interior car detailing. During the cleaning process, the vehicle will be thoroughly vacuumed, and steam cleaned. Any bugs and other contaminants will be removed. Thus, the car will be good as new and healthy as well.

Improved Performance

During the detailing process, it is common to look under the hood. It is a sign of a good car detailing service provider to examine the condition of the car and other components. Based on their assessment, they will guide you about the future course of action. You might need to replace a few parts or have them repaired. Even with a simple cleaning, one can feel a difference in performance.

For instance, during the detailing process, engine dirt is removed. Most of us are unaware but dirt is the number one cause of premature wear in an engine. Therefore, simple detailing can improve the performance of the engine and save you costly repairs. The same applies to the tires. They also need care and maintenance which is exactly what car detailing services to provide. The tires can greatly boost braking, acceleration, and handling.

Car Value

Like we mentioned earlier, no one would pay good money for a poor looking car. After all, the new owner would have to pay for paint restoration and other services. Therefore, car detailing improves the vehicle’s resale value. Also, paint restoration reflects poorly on the vehicle and can reduce the value considerably. People might think that the vehicle was involved in an accident.

Costly Repair

A repaint is costly. Likewise, engine repairs are also quite costly. Similarly, dust and other contaminants can destroy the vehicle’s interior or exterior beyond repair. Therefore, another reason to opt for detailing is to avoid costly repairs.

Wrap Up

This concludes our article today. We hope that you find it informative. If you have any questions, let us know. We will be more than happy to answer any questions regarding car detailing or anything related to automobiles. Thank You.

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