How to Design the Rights Custom Mailer Box Packaging?


Today, products mean the world to customers. And when they are encased in an exquisitely designed packaging, it further elevates the customer experience. On top of it, quality packaging gives your brand a serious edge in a ferociously competitive market. But get it wrong and it could wreak havoc.   

After all, it’s the first impression that makes or breaks a business. But don’t fret, this post will help you create a winning e-commerce packaging solution that every entrepreneur long for. With the valuable tips, you can design and craft a stellar packaging solution for your divine creation.

Mind you, a lustrous design and superb branding are the key elements of a successful custom mailer box packaging. Here is how you can create the right custom mailer boxes design:  

Make Sure Your Custom Mailer Boxes Travel Well

Custom mailer boxes need to keep the products safe from harm or damage during travel. It is also critical that the containers must boast a killer design that shouts: cannot be ignored, I was made just for you.    

That said, custom printed mailer boxes should also be functional. Focus on picking the more robust materials, especially if you are planning to ship bulky or fragile products. But choosing a sturdy packaging material is just the beginning. Make sure you are not shipping the goods in plain brown boxes.

Yup, that’s right! We live in an age where customers are keener to try something new if they find it alluring. This bonds online stores to put more effort into creating compelling custom mailer box packaging that boasts superior print finish to catch the potential customer’s eye when courier guy is taking it to the consumer.

Customarily, it cost businesses way more to send a replacement of damaged goods than to invest in adequate protective packaging right from the outset. Mailer boxes that stack well help reduce damage because picking up and placing these boxes in a cargo hold is a hassle-free task.  

However, if you are shipping something more heavy-duty, wholesale mailer boxes made out of sturdy corrugated cardboard are worth considering. This specific material provides topnotch support. These types of boxes can easily sustain a few knocks and bumps during transit.

Choose the Best Material for Custom Mailer Box Packaging

When it comes to custom mailer box packaging design, always think as if you are an architect. Meaning, you would never want to reside in an abode that is made out of cheese. You cannot bear the smell in the summers, oh lord! So why would you want to dispatch your beloved creation in a package that is crafted from the wrong material?

Just let it sink for a while. The point is, one should take care of their products the way they take care of themselves. When finalizing the caliper of your wholesale mailer boxes material, take into account what’s best to package your products.

Size Does Matter When it Comes to Encasing Goods

Let’s suppose that your packages come in six different sizes. Now think how you can be economical with the size or magnitude of your custom mailer boxes. A perfect solution would be to come up with three different sized packages that can accommodate all six sizes. Not only will this save cash and time, but it will also bring consistency, and customers love consistency.  

While a lot of businesses are more inclined towards smaller and more convenient packages, you must not forget the size of your products when designing custom mailer box packaging. It means, instead of blindly following a trend, one must stay conscious of reality.  

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