How to Improve Your Chance of Getting Bad Credit Mortgages?


Bad credit situation is a dominating and intensely notorious condition that spoils financial lives. It is the evil grin on personal finances that takes birth due to your mistakes and breeds if not tackled on time. It keeps you from availing all big and small financial opportunities. Talk about mortgages and conditions become even more difficult.

The need is to know what to do to improve approval chances on a mortgage despite the bad credit. One thing is more frequent as a suggestion is – big deposit size, which should be more than a minimum of 5%. However, besides this, you need a detailed approach to many aspects of your financial life.  

Knowing The Cause of Poor Credit is of UTMOST Importance

To bring the actual change, it is necessary to work on the stimulators. Poor credit rating happens due to many varied reasons. You need to find your reason and work on that.

Did it happen due to –

  • Delay in credit card payments?
  • Missing personal loan installments?
  • Not paying the bills on time?
  • Unused bank accounts, credit cards, store cards, etc. that now absorb your creditworthiness?
  • Identity theft issue?

It can be any reason, but you need to find it precisely to channel the right types of efforts for the immediate solution.

Work on the cause to improve credit score performance

Once you get to know the reason for a poor credit score, work EXACTLY on the factor. You need to look flawless as much as possible while applying for the mortgage.

Here is an example –

CAUSE – Your bad credit situation happened due to a delay in credit card payments.

SOLUTION – Work on the card payments

  • Pay card instalments on time
    • Do not make minimum payments
      • Ask your lender to offer a lower rate
        • Switch to a credit card with a lower rate

Once you start working on the improvement of credit rating, you can think of applying for funds.

Now, start the search of mortgage deal

Maybe you have improved, but if still, the poor credit situation exists, then you have two choices. (1) Wait for some more time and carry on with your credit score improvement efforts. (2) Start searching for a good mortgage option.

Mortgage brokers know the market in totality – Hire one

If you plan to find out the property loan without wasting any time, then act cautiously. The in-depth knowledge of the mortgage industry is vital, which most of the borrowers do not have. As a remedy, you can take the help of the brokers such offers mortgages for poor credit and on what rate of interest in the UK. They can bargain on the total cost on your behalf.

Never apply mortgage for a property with a low sale value

Already with bad credit, it is difficult to get approval. The problem will only intensify if you apply mortgage for a property that is unusual or have no sale value in the future.

Less profitable properties include –

  • Flats above commercial premises like bars and cafes or shops
  • Homes and building with non-standard construction material
  • Old constructions etc,…

Lenders never risk their money on such properties. The home inspector will not give a good report on the structures that are not promising in their return on investment capacity.

Do not tailor your mortgage application

Once you apply for a mortgage, do not make changes.

For example,

  • Changing the loan amount,
  • Adding or deducting the income source,
  • Increasing or decreasing the tenure etc.

It causes the incidents of ‘hold-ups’ as the mortgage provider gets unsure about your decision as well as financial capacity. It may even cause issues in approval.

Conclusive words

The direction of efforts should be right. A bad credit score person confronts confusion and challenges. Situations are mostly demoralizing, but with suitable efforts, it is possible to attain desired results. Follow all the above methods, and you can see a better picture of the future as the chances of getting approved are more.

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