The Ultimate Guide for Sportsbook Business in 2020


A sportsbook is a place where the players or gambler placed bets on different sports competitions of golf, basketball, football, soccer, horse racing, etc. There are many popular sports businesses available in the market including the development of sports leagues, development of sports betting software, sports store business, and many more. The sportsbook businesses are becoming more popular around the world for some past years. The entrepreneurs are investing in sports betting software to enhance the better user experience for their players. According to statistical records, sports betting contributes to 30-40% of the global gambling market that includes casinos, poker, lotteries, and other gaming. As per the survey of statistica 50% of the people have placed bets on sports events. The research says that sports betting will rise by 11% during 2020-2024. It is expected that it will grow by 5.9% by 2022. 

Market Overview of Sportsbook

  • The global gross gaming market is generated approx 400 billion dollars each year in the U.S.
  • According to the research of GlobeNewswire, the sports betting market is expected to grow by more than 8.83% between 2018 to 2024. 
  • It is expected that the betting industry will reach to approx 155.49 billion dollars by 2024. 
  • The growth of the sports betting industry includes the area of Europe, North America, South America, MEA and APAC.
  • According to the area, based on regions the sportsbook industry has the most appropriate market share in the Asia Pacific region. 
  • The driving growth of the sports betting market will rise to almost 11% as per the forecast of CAGR.
  • The market forecast during 2018-2024 by CAGR is 8.83%. 
  • Along with that there are more than 25 vendors available in the market that are operating in the area of sports betting market. 
  • The American Gaming Association provides the guidelines where there are approx 2800 active online sites of gaming activities including casinos, lottery, bingo, poker, etc. 

Sports Covered in the Sportsbook

There are several sports covered in betting that allow bettors to bet and play in various sports according to their choice. These popular sports of the sportsbook are as follows:

  • Football is the most engaging sport in the betting market. In 2017, FA finals were watched by 7.9 million people that raise the popularity of this sport. 
  • Basketball is considered as the most popular sport in the live betting category.
  • Tennis is considered the most trending sport in the UK that causes huge revenue generation every year.
  • The gulf is the most growing sport of betting that offers various opportunities to the players.
  • The sports including golf, cricket, boxing, racing also generate huge opportunities for the betting industry. 
  • According to advanced technology, mobile applications are also contributing to enhance the number of players in the sports betting industry. 

Ultimate Guide for Sportsbook Business

Ultimate Guide for Sportsbook Business

Sportsbook is growing rapidly across the world. Some many startups and investors are planning to launch their sportsbook but before that, they need to understand the important aspects of the sports betting business. These aspects help enlarge the sportsbook business successfully in 2020. These aspects are as follows:

Sportsbook Market

Before launching a sportsbook, the operator needs to understand the sportsbook market. The largest sportsbook market involved Europe and APAC. The market is expected to grow by 125.18 billion dollars by 2023. There are different sports available in the market that are demanded by the bettors. The sports such as basketball and soccer gathered large numbers of audience. Horse racing is the most trending sport of betting, esports are the new trends in the market. Thus, investors need to analyze the market first before launching a sportsbook.


The investors need to do an in-depth study of the sportsbook market, compliances and frame appropriate strategies to offer betting platforms to the users. Planning is the most important aspect that helps in determining the goal of the investors. 

Identifying Target Market

The next important step is to identify, analyze, and evaluate the target market so that sportsbook businesses can survive successfully in the market. Identifying target markets also includes competition, existing users strategies, market users, etc. These factors help develop the sportsbook business. 

Sportsbook Laws and Compliances

Sportsbook laws are different in every country. The investors need to analyze the laws of their targeted market. Due to legalization in recent years in the UK and the USA, it creates new opportunities for the investors to build a sportsbook. 

Sports to be Offered

Investors need to know where they are creating their sportsbook business and accordingly, they need to choose sports. The targeted market has specific sports that vary from country to country. Thus this step involved analysis of sports that were offered to the users in the market.

Sportsbook Software Providers

Once all steps are done, the investors need to recognize a technology partner that helps them in developing their sportsbook solutions to compete in the market. Sportsbook products are the final product that must be scalable and acceptable enough in the market. There are various options available in the market that offer platforms to investors. There are two different solutions available such as custom development services and white label sportsbook development services. According to the market research and demand of the customers, they can opt for the best development services for building their sportsbook business successfully. 

Future Aspects of Sportsbook Industry

With the increasing popularity of sportsbooks, the sportsbook provides several opportunities to the investors as well as bettors. There is a wide variety of sports available on the platforms that generated huge revenue and changed the revenue model for businesses. The growing future scenario of the sportsbook are as follows:

Better Sports Betting Market

Many people placed illegal bets when betting was not legal. Now, it’s become legal in many states of the U.S. that brings new opportunities and enhances the betting market for the bettors. 

Increasing Profitability

Many businesses come up with partnerships with different data companies and other businesses that lead to a developed revenue model of business.

Enhancement of online betting

With the growing technology, sportsbooks will enhance mobile users that lead to the development of online betting and new opportunities for businesses. There will be more investors for online businesses in the market. 

High-Tech Competitions

The high-tech companies are now moving to the sportsbook industry to generate revenue in their business. This will cause competitiveness among new and existing businesses in the market. 

Scope for Operators

Due to rising competition in the market, it will provide opportunities to the existing as well as new operators to compete in the market and generate huge revenue in the business. This will create new opportunities in the market and develop a market share for the sportsbook industry. 

These above mentioned are the future upcoming opportunities for the businesses to invest in the sportsbook industry. These aspects show the growth and benefits to existing as well as new users of sportsbooks. 


The technology is updating with the increasing popularity of the sportsbook. As stated above the sportsbook industry will rise with time. The research of professionals says that the demand for sportsbooks will rise in upcoming years that will generate huge opportunities for investors. As per the guideline of the sportsbook the investors can enlarge their business successfully. The future aspects also show a better choice for investors in the market.

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