Here Are The Steps You Should Follow For Cleaning Your Window Roller Shutters


So are you happy after installing the window roller shutters on your property? Yes, you’re happy because they come with numerous advantages, and you’ve invested a good amount in your roller shutters. If you have recently installed them, they are shiny and holding that brand new condition.

But what after six months or one year will they still stay in the brand new condition? After getting hit by harsh sun rays every morning and exposing to the gusty winds, they also expect some pampering from you. In simpler words, maintaining and cleaning your roller shutters is necessary to make them last longer.

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Simple ways of cleaning roller shutters

The best part is you don’t need to invest hundreds of dollars and valuable time cleaning and maintaining these roller shutters. Today, in this post, we’re mentioning some steps for cleaning your roller shutters effectively.

  • Eliminate The Dust And Debris

First and foremost, you need to eliminate the dust and debris from your window roller shutters. Regardless of the type of roller shutters you’ve installed in your house, you should follow this step. The majority of roller shutters are painted, and these tiny dust particles can penetrate deep inside them. Later these particles can degrade the quality and ruin the overall appearance of the roller shutters.

So, you must focus on cleaning the roller shutters; for this, you need to first eliminate all the dust and debris. Ensure, when you’re warding off the dust, the surface shouldn’t be wet and sticky. If there are some small cracks on your window roller shutters, you need to eliminate the dust thoroughly.

For eliminating the dust and debris, you can take a wet cloth or your old t-shirt and normal soap water. In a nutshell, the bulk dust and debris present on your roller shutters should be eliminated. The tiny particles can be warded off with regular soap water.

  • Wipe The Roller Shutters With Warm Water And Mild Detergent

The majority of dust and debris can be easily eliminated with the wet cloth, but the remaining tiny particles are very nasty and require special attention. To ward off those tiny and sticky particles, you’ll need warm water and a mild detergent mixture. The alternative to the mild detergent mixture is the normal dishwashing soap water. Next, you have to use a wet cloth and warm water for cleaning the outer and inner surfaces of the roller shutters.

Ensure you’re not missing any spot and use moderate pressure while cleaning your window roller shutters. In our opinion, if you haven’t cleaned your roller shutters for more than a year, use a scrubber instead of the wet cloth. Never exert too much pressure while cleaning; it can affect the overall functioning of your roller shutters.

  • Use A Soft Brush And Use Clean Water

This is the final step where there are higher chances where roller shutters will look brand new and squeaky clean. Now, you’ll use a soft cleaning brush to remove the soap water and other cleaning agents. We’re not recommending wiping off the soap water with cloth because the dirty cloth will leave some fine particles on the roller shutters.

By using the soft brush, your roller shutters will undoubtedly get rid of the dust and debris. Lastly, before you start using your window roller shutters, let them dry and keep an eye on them for a couple of hours.

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Final Words

Now, you’re all set for cleaning your roller shutters, and you don’t even require professional help to maintain them. In our opinion, if you follow the steps mentioned above once a week, you keep the shutters as good as new.

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