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Graphic design services are one of the leading digital services in the current days. The demands of this service are increasing every day.

The world is expanding virtually. And hence, the needs of the graphic design services are on the rise. No matter, what you deal in, you need graphic services. In fact, you are unable to do with these digital services.

If you deal in e-commerce, you need graphic design. If you deal in any offline products or services, you need graphic design. This is almost ever present in our life.

But trouble occurs when it is about hiring a graphic designer. Or, graphic design services.

You may turn puzzled. That’s quite natural. You need the service. But you don’t know the price. In this case, you need to know about the price range.

In this post, you will have some generalized ideas about the cost of graphic design services in USA. Let’s start the exploration.


Generally, there are two types of graphic design services are available.

Hourly basis. And project basis.

For hourly basis, the rate is at least $10. And it could surpass even $50 to $100.

And if you select a project, the rate may vary up to $300.

Why the differences in cost?

Well. Numbers of issues play role here.  

You have to adopt the service from these two categories – hourly or flat rate.

When you employ a freelance designer, you can hire him/ her for hourly rate. But when it is about any graphic design services agency, the rate shots up.

The Reasons of Cost Variation  

Freelancers with Hourly Rate

Freelancers often provide graphic design services at a lower cost. There are numerous reasons for their cheap services.

First of all, they are freelancers. They do not need to maintain a large corporate office. And they also do not have any employees working under them. So, they can ask for a lower price.  

At the same time, some of they are still in learning phase.

They master their skills with your assignment. And they get paid too while learning.

Based on the grounds, they can charge you as lower as $5 as well.

Freelancers with Flat Rate

However, there are freelancers with a flat rate, too. They are highly skilled. And can complete the job within a short time.

In fact, they are not novices. They are experts in their jobs. And they know how to make things work.

Even, you are to feel a sort of challenge to get their appointment. To discuss your issues.

Graphic Design Services Agencies

In the contrary, you can have some graphic design services providing agencies. They are a combination of professionals.

Such agencies have a large pool of professional graphic designers. Also, they can undertake immense responsibilities. Even, some of the graphic design services providing agencies can perform photo editing worth over 5000 units a day.

So, they have a flat rate [almost all the time]. However, you can expect some flat discounts from them too. IN CASE OF BULK ORDERS.

Which one is Better?

This question has popped up in your mind. Right?

Actually, the answer varies. It’s all about your needs and necessities.

If you need a short-time service, you can hire the freelancers. But freelancers are unable to handle large-scale operations.

In those cases, you must react to any professional graphic design services providers. As they have skilled hands, they can easily meet your graphic design needs. And in a custom way.


So, I think you have all the information you need. Now, it’s on you what type of services to avail.

But please remember that the rates above are standard. However, the rate may vary from freelancer to freelancer. Or from agency to agency. It all depends on the type of jobs, quality of the designers, turnaround time, and other issues.   

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