7 Major Have To Know About Southeast University China


Southeast University

Southeast University is a renowned medical institution located in Jiangsu province of China. It was established in the year 1902. The university has since its establishment clubbed many universities and colleges which are now a collective part of Southeast University China. The SEU (Southeast University) is amongst the top 10 universities which are known for their scientific research and development in China and is amongst the list of universities that are administered by the Chinese department of Education.

Globally Recognized

Since the university started, it has produced thousands of medical graduates from its medical school who are currently serving in various countries around the globe. The degree from Southeast University is globally recognized and the university has got recognition from many world bodies such as Medical Council of India, United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA), Pakistan Medical Council (PMC), etc.

Along with all these world bodies of different countries, Southeast University has got recognition from the World Directory of Medical Schools by World Health Organization (WHO) and has also received many awards.

Apply for Admission

Every year around thousands of students from many foreign countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Burma, Kazakhstan, Iran, Afghanistan, Japan, Russia, Taiwan, North Korea, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan apply to get admission in the SEU (Southeast University) and only a few get the admission out of those students.

The students apply in huge numbers to get admission to the SEU (Southeast University) because the university has some great infrastructure facilities and very affordable tuition and hostel fees which is rare to find in a university at such level.

Mode of Instruction

The mode of instruction and teaching at the university is English. The main objective of the SEU (Southeast University) is to produce qualified professionals and trained physicians to provide top quality medical services to the world. The academic building of Southeast University is amazing with great architecture and an excellent environment.

Departments of Southeast University China

The university consists of several departments such as anatomy, pharmacy, general medicine, etc. and each department has dedicated staff and faculty members who are assigned to these departments.

 Trained and Experienced Faculties

The trained and experienced faculties of the university are known to provide thorough and detailed knowledge to the students in their path towards becoming a world-class medical graduate. The SEU (Southeast University) has affiliations with many regional renowned hospitals and the university provides the student with an option to choose any of these hospitals for their internship period.

The university is based in a beautiful area and has all the facilities deemed necessary for a renowned educational institution such as big and spacious classrooms with projector facilities, conference rooms, lecture halls, etc.

The laboratories of the SEU (Southeast University) are dedicated to each department so that the students do not have to wait if another session or class is going on. The university has always maintained a very healthy student-teacher ratio.

High Standard Education

Generally, the university tends to become casual after a time and wants to earn money without caring about the effect on the quality of education however this has never been the case with the SEU (Southeast University). They have always maintained high educational standards since their establishment.

Requirements of Studying in China

There are very easy requirements to study MBBS in China and the universities of the country are very lenient and easy-going in the admission procedure. The only demand of the universities of China is that the paperwork should be complete and with proper guidance the students can easily do that.

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