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NEET exam is scheduled to be organized on the 26th of July, 2020. Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the students are required to follow pandemic-specific guidelines apart from the exam-related guidelines as well. With the tensions mounting-up in their brains, the students can easily overlook any important guideline, which can later lead to trouble in the exam hall. Therefore, to help all the NEET candidates, we are sharing an all-inclusive NEET entrance exam day checklist. 

In this NEET entrance exam day checklist, the students can find all about the do’s and don’ts on the day of the exam, all the COVID-19 related guidelines, dress code, and a detailed timeline of the events from their entry into the exam venue to coming out of it. 

So, read the following post carefully and make sure you ‘check’ all the things on the last evening before the exam so that all you have to think is just your exam!

Now, here we go!

NEET Entrance Exam Day Checklist 

  1. Schedule of the NEET Exam

Given below is a detailed timeline of NEET Exam. Read it carefully to know about all the steps that you have to take for the exam.

  • 1.15 PM – Entry in the exam hall
  • 1.30 PM – Last entry in the exam hall
  • 1.45 PM – NEET Hall Ticket Checking and breaking the seal of question booklet
  • 1.50 PM – Entry of particulars on the question paper
  • 2.00 PM – Exam starts
  • 5.00 PM – Exam time over

You hand over the answer booklets to the invigilator and leave the exam hall.

As you can see late entries are not allowed in the exam venue, you must arrive at the venue well ahead of time to avoid any troubles. Further, owing to the pandemic, we recommend keeping a safe distance from the crowd gathered in front of the exam hall. Wear masks and practise caution so that you can avoid exposure. 

  1. NEET entrance exam day checklist for the items allowed inside the venue

Because of the cheating attempts, the authorities restrict items a candidate can bring in the exam hall. All the candidates are allowed to bring only their admit cards and photograph inside the exam hall. All the other things that you might consider essential such as water bottles, lunch, snacks, goggles, and even pens – all are banned. If you try to bring any one of them inside the exam hall secretively, you will be subject to legal action and disqualification.

Read more about the banned items in the following section.

  1. Items that are not allowed inside the Exam Hall.

NEET entrance exam day checklist for banned items is as follows:

  • Stationery essentials such as pencil box or geometry box or plastic kits (pouch), calculator, pen and scanner, etc are not allowed inside the exam hall.
  • All the electronics such as Bluetooth, headphone and microphone, etc are also not allowed inside the exam hall.
  • Wristwatch, caps, bracelets, wallets, purses, and any other kind of ornaments, etc are not allowed.
  • Eatables such as chips, snacks, chocolates, and even the water bottles are not allowed in the exam hall.
  1. General Instructions for the Exam Day

Given below is the list of some general instructions for the exam day that have been issued by the exam authorities. We recommend all the students read them carefully and follow them religiously to avoid any trouble later.

  • The exam centers will open 45 minutes before the exam time. Because of COVID-19, the crowding is dangerous. So come prepared with your mask and sanitizer, and arrive well before time to avoid confusion.
  • If any candidate is found carrying any barred item, he or she will be immediately disqualified. You must bring ONLY the Admit Card in the exam hall. Every other important thing, including the pen, will be given there.
  • Time announcements will be done for the start of the exam, half time and end of the exam time.
  • Every candidate will be given 15 minutes to fill the information booklet in which particulars are to be filled.
  • All the candidates have to sign the answer sheet twice – once at the start of the exam and then at the end.
  • Once the seal is broken, you will be allotted five minutes to check the number of pages in the exam.

The above checklist is created by the guidance of Alpha Entrance Academy, one of the leading NEET coaching centres in Kerala. If you are planning to prepare for the medical/ engineering coaching it’s one of the finest in Kerala, generating excellent results in every entrance exam.

This completes the NEET entrance exam day checklist. We hope all the students find it useful.  All the best wishes for your NEET exams.

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