Khloe Kardashian missed Caitlyn Jenner’s birthday because of a shooting, not Hostility


Attend Caitlyn Jenner’s Birthday Party well

Caitlyn had some family members to help her celebrate her 70th birthday: Kim, Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall, Brandon and Kylie Jenner were there, but Khloe wasn’t.

“Kim and Courtney did not attend a Caitlyn dinner with their mother’s blessing. They are in a good house with Caitlyn again, and it all depends on Kris.”

He also ignited rumors of a dispute after claiming he had canceled Caitlyn’s appearance at the Hard Rock Hotel in Florida because Chloe would come.

However, this was later refuted by experts who said that Caitlyn’s appearance had been canceled by the hotel itself due to budgetary problems.

Why did Khloe go to Caitlyn’s Birthday Dinner?

Of course, Kidney’s absence at Christmas celebrations had led people to wonder if he was avoiding Shindig altogether.

Chloe explained in the history of Instagram that she was filming a commercial all day, so it seems logical that she was very busy with the party.

“Chloe and Caitlyn are good, they talk a lot through text messages and sometimes on the phone. They will leave soon and celebrate Kaitlyn’s birthday. Everything is fine with them, everyone in the family is in a good place,” add.

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