Social Media Star Brittany Furlan Left Vine After Gaining 10 Million Followers


Former star Brittany Furlan says the video sharing application was “toxic” to her mental health.

Social Media Star Brittany Furlan

The 33-year-old Internet star explained why he left the vine in a preview of the Sunday episode of E! The true Hollywood story released on Friday.

“Vine remained because of the fact that Vine received more damage from me than he does,” Tommy Lee’s wife says in a confession. “I got something really personal. When I was in Karma I had 10 million followers, okay? Now I’m on Instagram and I have six million.”

“You start to think:” Well, what was I doing better when I had all these other followers on this platform that not everyone involved in this program? “” Furlan shares with the THS camera.

According to Dr. Drew Pinsky, there may be a notable decrease in his follow-up of fame addicts.

“They told me to” commit suicide “on a daily basis, but I was already an anxious person,” he said.

Episode of Forlán de E! True Hollywood Story airs Sunday at 10 p.m. ET

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