Meghan Markle visited Luminary Bakery this week


Last week, Megan Markle made a trip without warning to Luminary Bakery, where she spoke with volunteers, interviewed The Telegraph and used what could be the coolest and largest collection of casual clothes. There are some rolls here, and the whole set is marketable, even better, each piece costs less than $ 200!

Megan Markle  Luminary Bakery  | Trend Greats
Megan Markle Luminary Bakery

For this occasion, Markle wore casual (and comfortable) clothing that contained some of the elements we saw before.

During his visit, the Duchess (dressed in a blue and white striped shirt with With Nothing Underneath, blue jeans, Madewell belt and Adidas shoes) met with some staff members while attending workshops and baked cakes.

Meghan Markle | Trend Greats
Meghan Markle
Duchess baked cakes | Trend Greats
Duchess baked cakes

Megan also talked about the importance of time and support to recover from trauma. “I was talking about that with someone that day,” he said. “We get into the habit of wanting to do things right away these days. There is a culture of instant gratification for immediate reform.

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