Olivia Coleman wears Real Clothes and is Suitable for the Queen


The Crown Season

Olivia Coleman, who will soon play the Queen in Crown season 3, received a dose of realistic kings by honoring investment services at Buckingham Palace today. At the ceremony, the king’s only daughter, Princess Anne, intervened to assume the position of actress and commander of the Order of the British Empire.

Olivia Coleman

Olivia Coleman, 45, replaces Claire Foy as king in the next series.

The actress made a long list of credits in movies and television, especially the criminal drama ITV Broadchurch, where she played the role of investigator Sergeant Eli Miller.

Speaking exclusively with The Sun, Olivia said: “I’m really nervous about taking on something very cool, it’s scary.

This honor deservedly continues to win over Coleman. After winning the Oscar, the almost universal compliments for her performance in Fleabag, the British actress has become, during the past year, a familiar name for the United States;

Coleman, along with his stylist, Mary Fellowes, has had a lot of fun this year to experience everything from monkeys Stella McCartney dressed to woven Prada. However, his last appearance was really appropriate for the queen.

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