Tattoo Aftercare: Do’s and Don’ts You Must Follow


Getting a tattoo is equally painful and a hassle as taking care of it. Its aftercare involves a lot of steps and aspects that one should take note of. You cannot just overlook the precautions and measures taken to keep your tattoo in a proper condition. Sometimes people do scratching and ruin their ink. In such cases, there are only two solutions left, either to spend your life with a ruined tattoo or get it removed, which is an equally expensive procedure.

The tattoo looks incredible on your skin. It embellishes your skin and adds more elegance and attraction to it. Many people have transformed their personalities and found a positive change in their life. On the other side, having a tattoo reflects many aspects of your personality. It shows how consistent and passionate you are. Only a truly dedicated person can carry a tattoo. moreover, it shows that you are courageous to go against the norms of society and carry something that can make people look down upon you or judge you.

Do’s to Follow

If you are at a professional parlor like Tattoo Design Inc. the expert tattoo artist will guide you about all the aspects that you must follow. You need to keep them noted and follow them with utmost consciousness.

The artist after completing every portion of the tattoo will cover it with an absorbent pad and a bandage. He will put sterile on the pad and would instruct you about how to uncover and clean that portion of the skin without ruining the tattoo.

You may have to wash your tattoo with a mild antibacterial soap or liquid wash to clean the skin from germs. The sin gets open pores that become most likely to give a home to germs and bacteria. Therefore, it’s important to keep it clean and follow every hygiene precaution.

One more thing do use a clean towel or cloth to wipe the tattoo. Use any topical anesthetic spray to lessen the pain and to stop the irritation and itching. In addition, do keep your tattoo exposed to ensure quick healing. The sooner it gets dry the less would be the pain. Make sure to wear loose-fitting clothes so that your fabric does not ruin the ink. Lastly. be confident to have the tattoo and flaunt it with a smile.

Don’ts to Follow

Do not uncover your tattoo when the artist has placed the bandage. Follow his instructions and give your tattoo the time it requires with the sterile absorbing pad. The bandage is used to remove the excess blood and ink placed on your tattoo. It’s like the perfect ointment to ensure you have a clean and professional tattoo.

Never use hot water to wash your hand as it can smudge the ink. The ink will melt again and ruin the tattoo. Moreover, hot water opens the skin pores and that will become an outlet to welcome the bacteria and germs.  

One of the most important thing that you need to make sure is not to rip off your bandwagon if it gets stick on your ink. What you need to do is to put some cold water and let it get wet and then gently pull it off. This will keep your tattoo safe. Whenever you feel itching during the healing process, instead of scratching the skin bets use to wash with water. In this way, you will not ruin the tattoo and keep it look appealing.

When the tattoo is healed, during its early days avoid exposing it to the sun. The heat intensity distorts the image and fades its color. You can apply sunscreen to put a cover on your tattoo. At least 6 weeks’ time is required to completely heal a big tattoo.

Avoid to swim, sauna or soak your skin in any product or water. You need to stay alert as to how you can keep the freshness and perfection of your tattoo intact for at least 6 weeks. After that, you are free to do whatever you want.

Wrap Up

Your tattoo can give a new look to your personality but everything maters on the way you handle it.

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