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If you have ever worked for a start-up, then you must know about the ‘hustle and grind’ culture that is affecting both the physical and mental health of the employees. When you started looking for jobs, you must have gone through thousands of job postings. When you have looked at all the start-up company’s job postings, few things might have been similar.

The featuring of the hustle and worshipping the grind is what can be seen anywhere. There is a fundamental difference between start-up culture and the one in well-established MNCs. The start-up culture seems splendid at first making you work harder than you might have expected.

But soon it becomes a toxic work culture where the only world where you are allowed to live in is in the workplace and not home. Soon, you work during late hours and forget what it was like having a good and relaxed weekend.

But it indeed has adverse effects on employees and must be changed now to create a healthy environment for everyone coming to the workplace.

Changing the 24 X 7 Customer Service

There is a difference when it comes to customer service between a start-up and corporates. Today, clients want to experience personalized services, and this approach is only getting fulfilled by start-ups. They work through day and night to do everything they can for the big launch or completing a project.

The young entrepreneur wants to deliver early to their clients to rise and keep a high rapport. This leads to higher demands in return, and it costs them more time, resulting in most of the employees working late at night every day. The demands and expectations can be escalating, and there must be a balance between work and personal life.

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Giving importance to mental health

To create a higher rapport with the company, the employees have to give in the double hard work than they usually did. Doing so always comes with some sacrifice, such as loss of work-life balance, energy, and time for personal life. It also leads to loss of sanity and an increase in anxiety and stress among employees.

The usual culture in the start-ups works by motivating the employees out of their fear of driving them to move the business forward. They are asked to prove themselves every day and given a message that they are not good enough. How does it affect their minds? Increase in pressure resulting in stress and anger. The insecurity knocks in, and employees are driven to stay late at work even during weekends and holidays.

This has to change to create a healthier work environment for everyone. A place where employees are no longer worried about proving their worth every day and no longer getting fed fear and guilt. The fear must be changed to a positive approach, and employees need to feel that they are worth it. They must be given space to be vulnerable and escape from a competitive and unhealthy environment.  

Entrepreneurs can be a big changer as they can help change the tone of the environment. They share their own experiences and fears with their team to create positive motivation. People should be free enough to bring in their full selves to work.

How to overcome this culture?

One of the most straightforward solutions is to bring the automated process leading to a reduction in manpower and hence a relief to employees. The software can take care of many clients and customers at the same time. As per entrepreneurs, administrative tasks take most of the time.

Customer services can be automated with the help of software or chatbots, which can book meetings or solve basic queries. A lot of companies are now taking the help of chatbots to answer basic queries of customers to reduce some level of pressure on employees. The chatbots also save the customer contact details converting them into leads.

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Mental health should be taken care of, and every company should employ a psychologist who can help motivate the employees while giving them a space to talk to someone professional. Reduce the need for your employees to be available 24 X 7 so that they can come to the office with the right amount of energy and attitude to yield better results.

Give your employees a break from the rat race and the constant fear of proving themselves even if they already are giving their 200 percent towards rushing towards their goals.

It is time to change the hustle and grind culture in the startups with a positive and motivating one. You will be surprised how well your employees have started performing and an increase in their productivity.

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