Amazing Facts About Italian Food That Will Surprise You


Italian food is the most popular of all international cuisines because not only it is full of flavor and delicious but also has an abundance of health benefits. The Italian dishes have many unique ingredients like white truffle oil.

Know Surprising Facts On Italian Foods

Italian foods have a very different way of using and serving them. But several facts are there that people didn’t know about. So if you are arranging a party for your Italian friends then looking into the following information is vital.

Bread To Clean Soup Bowl

In many other international cuisines, bread is served as an appetizer. But when you are in Italy bread is served at the end with soup. The reason is that people could clean the soup bowl with it.

Don’t Consider Pepperoni As Meat

The word pepperoni comes from pepper which is a topping for pizzas that is popular all around the world. But many people think of it as meat because of the color. Although it is an ingredient made from pepper.

Meatballs With Spaghetti Is Not Italian

In many popular films and animated cartoons, it is shown that meatballs are served with spaghetti at Italian restaurants. But this is a wrong depiction of the Italian food culture because meatballs are served separately and never with spaghetti.  

Small Breakfast Is Italian Style

Unlike big breakfast traditions all around the world; the Italians have a small breakfast. This includes drinking coffee especially espresso and eating any of the products from the Italian bakery. But lunch and dinner are large; so that they can spend more time socializing.

No Soup At Italian Weddings

Wait soups are a big part of the Italian meal, but they are not served at wedding ceremonies. It is a type of stew made from stock, vegetables, and meat. You can make it with ingredients you can buy from online stores like Sogno Toscano.

No Order Of Pepperoni Pizza

Adding pepperoni to pizza is what Americans invented. When you are in Italy; you will not see any traces of pepperoni topping on a pizza. If you read pepperoni pizza; you will get bell pepper topped pizza.

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Italian Cuisine Don’t Use Garlic More Often

You will be surprised to know that garlic is not used in all of the Italian cuisines; as it was thought to be. In the same way, olive oil used for drizzling on dishes is not the only oil used. Genuine White truffle oil is also used for this purpose.

Coffee Served Differently

Espresso is one coffee that is served after every meal as a digestivo. But all other kinds of coffee are taken only in the morning with and after breakfast; unlike in other countries where you can drink coffee all day long.

Bread Used In Many Ways

As discussed in the above point bread is served during a meal; so that people can clean up the plate.

Thin Crust Of Genuine Pizza In Italy

The pizza served all over Italy has a crust that is thin and made by hand. So that crust that is made is thin.

Massive Variety Of Pasta  

More than 600 varieties of pasta are available all across Italy with different kinds of shapes and ingredients that are used.

White Truffle Oil Is Very Unique

The white truffle oil is used in different dishes but only for drizzling. This oil is made from a variety of wild mushrooms infused in oil.

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