9 Ways to Stay Safe During A Car Ride Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, even taking a small distance car ride has become dangerous. One of the best ways to protect yourself is by staying at home as much as possible. But that’s not always an option as you may need to go out for buying groceries, medicines, office for work, etc. However, taking some precautionary steps can help you to remain safe while driving a car.

Also, this is the time to be optimistic and simultaneously adapting rules which the government has made. Many may be knowing about some safety steps and must be following it. But if you are unaware of it, then read on the blog. We’ve jotted down 9 ways to stay safe during a car ride amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check Your Car Properly:

Your expensive car is in your parking area for months, and it will need your attention now. It is likely to have lost some air from the tire or is taking time to get started. Insufficient tire pressure can be risky for you. Hence, check it properly, and if the pressure is low, then fill the air from your nearest fuel pump.

Facing issues while starting your car could be due to the discharge of its battery. So, rush to the mechanic first and charge it. Also, before taking your car out, you should wash it as it may have dirt here and there.

  • Sanitise your car:

When you are finally ready to take your car out, sanitise it properly. Always! Yes, we repeat: Apply sanitiser in its inner as well as the outer part. Also, keep a bottle of sanitiser with you. We understand that the price of sanitiser is increasing, but buying it is worthwhile.

Always use sanitiser whenever you step in and out of your car. To be extra cautious, sanitise every part of your four-wheeler, which you come in contact with regularly. It can be door handles, gear lever, handbrakes, AC buttons, steering wheel, and many more. Bear in mind that the more you’ll sanitise, the safer you and your family would be.

  • Beware of everything you touch:

According to WHO (World Health Organisation), if you will come in contact with an infected person, you could also be contaminated by it. So, wherever you go riding a car, beware of everything you touch, especially on fuel pumps. Also, make sure that you lay your hands on minimum things when you step out of your four-wheeler. Additionally, keep a pair of gloves and hand sanitisers with yourselves at all times.

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  • Avoid ride-share:

We know you’ll take all the precautions, but you may never know what lies ahead. So, try to avoid ride-share. Even if you want to take it, consider going in the safest car. Also, disinfect your hands while you step out of the four-wheeler and do wear the mask all the time.

Additionally, when you are sitting inside the car, do not touch here and there. After all, your life’s safety is in your hands.

  • Disinfect your car’s high-touch areas:

Cleaning the spots which you touch frequently should fall into your habits now. It may take time in initial days, but soon it will become like a daily routine for you. The parts like AC controls, steering, music system, and so on are some of your car’s high-touch areas. So, everything you touch needs cleaning and that too frequently.

  • Do remember the back seats:

Till now, we were talking about the areas in your car, which you touch the most. It might mean that your back seats may get ignored. No! Never! Don’t make that mistake. Your car’s backseats might carry groceries or some other things unknowingly.

Therefore, cleaning and sanitising them is equally important. If someday you plan to go out with your family, then take the utmost care and disinfect it from time to time.

  • Limit the places you drive:

The more places you’ll visit, the higher the chances for you to get in touch with someone infected with the virus. And that can heighten the risk of bringing the virus into your car. Therefore, you should limit the places you drive.

Whenever you’ve to travel, check on the internet, whether that particular zone is infected or not. Also, we would recommend restricting your stops in between your ride.

  • Open the windows to air out the car:

Ideally, your car’s windows should be closed to be safe from COVID-19. But to freshen up the cabin, you should open the windows in between rides. Not throughout the trip, just for a few minutes. Yes, the air conditioner might seem fit in the scorching months of heat that’s going to follow, but windows might be the right option.

Moreover, when you plan to open the windows, make sure that you wear a mask. It will work as a shield for you from the ongoing virus.

  • Make contactless payments:

All over the world, contactless payments have become a hot topic. And every country has made it applicable in general day-to-day guidelines, so it will surely make sense in driving as well. Hence, you should try to make contactless payments wherever and as much as possible. It can be tolls, fuel stations, drive-throughs, etc. It will reduce physical contact, and therefore chances of infection.

Change Is the Only Constant in Life!

The coronavirus has wreaked havoc all over the world. With that, we are unknown of what’s going to happen shortly. As you must be knowing change is the only constant in life, the only thing we can do is to adapt it positively.

By the way, amid all these changes, if you are planning to buy a costly four-wheeler, then do know the pros and cons of buying a luxury car. Because nowadays, the market has become uncertain and prices of all expensive things are reaching the sky. So, make your investment wisely. Also, ride your investment (car) by following the above-listed precautions. It will keep yourself and your family far away from the virus.

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