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The popularity of visiting the gym for the last ten years has simply gone through the roof, but some people still have not realized the full benefits of fitness training, that is, a healthy, athletic lifestyle, using a barbell, dumbbell, and various strength and cardio machines.

If you ask such right questions, what is the use of all these “glands” in the gym, we will objectively answer you with pleasure, and we hope that you replenish the ranks of the active, athletic population of the planet, which monitors its health.

But first, in order for you to better understand how stress affects the human body, we will answer the question, why does our body change under physical stress?

When the resources have recovered to the initial level, as a counteraction, to combat future, repeated stress, the body enters the phase of super-compensation, that is, it improves athletic performance (increases strength, muscle mass, endurance), depending on who trained what.

Below we list all the real positive and negative sides of the gym, which you will definitely encounter if you decide to engage in strength training. It’s better to learn how to wrap sprained ankles if you want to sustain any injuries.

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Pros of Going to the Gym

Now we will briefly go over the pros and cons of the gym, and in the end we will examine in more detail each positive moment.

  • Gym Benefits (Strength Exercise)
  • We emphasize the main positive effect of strength training on human health:
  • Metabolism Accelerates
  • Bones, tendons, ligaments become stronger
  • Blood pressure normalizes (with proper training)
  • Increase power rates
  • Muscle Corset Strengthens
  • Many diseases associated with the musculoskeletal system pass through improved blood flow
  • Cardiovascular system strengthens
  • Fat burning is activated (with cardio loads)
  • Muscle mass increases (with strength training)
  • Improves health due to the release of hormones (serotonin, dopamine)
  • The production of the male sex hormone testosterone, as well as growth hormone, is stimulated
  • Self-confidence and self-confidence appear

 It is important to follow the trainer’s recommendations for power loads, that is, to receive a dosed stress adequate to your recovery. To do this, first of all, you need a competent fitness instructor who would help you draw up the right training program, and would also advise you on the technique of performing exercises, nutrition, and recovery.

If you do not want to pay for individual training to a trainer, we suggest using our strength training programs, depending on the level of physical fitness and your goal (increase in muscle mass, strength endurance or strength indicator).

Cons (harm) of Strength Training

  • Along with all the advantages of the gym, it would be unfair not to say about the cons:
  • Joint injuries (bruises, fractures)
  • Sprains Muscle and tendon ruptures
  • Muscle tightness, slowness Endurance loss (aerobic)
  • High blood pressure

The listed disadvantages from classes in the gym often arise only when the beginner neglects safety precautions, that is: Does not warm the muscles Classes are held “as you like,” without a training plan Violates exercise technique Hitch after exercise is not performed (stretching of all muscle groups that received a load) Not serious about training (extraneous conversations, phone calls) Visits the gym, ignoring medical contraindications

It is also worth mentioning separately about compression of weights on the spinal column of the human body and the deterioration of aerobic endurance.

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