Stop Underage Smoking Habits with TheOneSpy App


Has your teenage boy or girl started smoking cigarette? Are you aware of your kid’s smoking habit? The smoking can have severe impacts on the physical health of younger children. It increases their probabilities of suffering from lungs, heart and skin diseases. TheOneSpy monitoring app enables parents to protect their children from smoking. It lets them monitor their children all the time no matter they are inside or outside the home. This article discusses how parents can use the spy app to monitor their teenagers to prevent them from smoking.

Monitoring App to Prevent Underage Smoking

Basically, TheOneSpy is a mobile phone tracker app that enables the end-user to monitor actions performed on and around the targeted mobile phone. Parents can make use of the app to supervise their kids’ activities performed on mobile phones and in the vicinity of the phone. They can install the app on their kids’ android devices to keep a secret eye on them. Read on to know how the spy app enables parents to keep their children under surveillance twenty-four seven.

Supervise Teens’ Parties

The unsupervised teen’s parties are the main concern for parents because this is where teenagers start smoking and alcohol intake. The get-togethers of younger children where parents or elders are not allowed to come can be supervised with the help of the cell phone tracker app. The app does not only inform parents about the venue of the party but also lets them see what is happening in that gathering. The app lets them know if any adult offers cigarette or alcohol to their kid or force the teenager to give the substance a try. Given features of the tracker app allow supervising the unsupervised parties of teens.  

Record Surrounding Scenes

Do you know what your kids do at unsupervised teens’ parties? Smoking and drinking are very common in teens’ get-together. Your younger child is likely to start smoking or drinking at these parties. You can restrict your kid from any objectionable or forbidden act by supervising these gatherings.

TheOneSpy mobile spy allows parents to secretly supervise teens’ parties by the remote controlling camera of their android devices. A smartphone installed with the spy app can be operated secretly via the online control panel of the app. If you want to see what your kid is doing at the moment, you can turn on the camera of his monitored android phone to see his actions.

Using the cell phone surveillance app, you can turn on front and back cameras of the android smartphone of your kid. It lets you see what your kid does at the party. The secret camera lets you capture if your kid smokes or abuses the substance. On receiving your command, the spy app installed in your kid’s phone starts capturing surrounding scenes in the form of images and short videos.

Listen to Surrounding Sounds

If the camera of your kid’s phone is not showing you exactly what your kid is doing at the moment, you can turn on the microphone of his monitored device to listen to the surrounding sounds. By turning on the microphone of your kid’s phone, you can listen to conversations made by your kid and his fellows. It lets you know if anyone at the party forces your kid to try cigarettes or alcohol. The MIC can be turned on by sending a command through the online control panel of the TOS. You can prolong the duration of voice recording by sending multiple commands to the targeted android phone.

Check out Social Media Posts

The social networking platforms are likely to disclose your kid’s smoking habits. You can monitor social media posts of your teen to watch out photos and videos in which your kid demonstrates his smoking skills. All the photos and videos disclosing your kid and his fellows’ smoking habits can be watched out with the help of the cell phone spy app.

TOS lets you see what your kids post on the most popular photo and video sharing apps including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. It also lets you see the media files exchanged by kids via instant messaging apps including WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Hike, IMO and many other commonly used communication apps.

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