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If you are focused on a fit and healthy lifestyle, chances are you don’t consider summer as the time to slack off. But it is suggested to consider certain dos and don’ts when it comes to Summer Fitness for Women. Below you will come across with some health and fitness tips that you have to keep in mind during summer fitness. Using these health tips during summer can work towards achieving your goals even when the temperature is soaring.

Do’s: Summer Fitness for Women       

Choosing Right Clothing

Cotton is not only a good choice for casual wear during summers but also a highly preferred choice for workout wear. Cotton doesn’t offer the functionality needed for a workout, but it absorbs the sweat quickly and this offers you a comfort level to perform harder and better. But to enjoy its benefits to the fullest, it is necessary that you choose breathable cotton workout wear for a summer fitness routine. The breathable cotton will absorb the sweat quickly while preventing the workout wear to stay wet.

Stay Hydrated Always

Body needs excessive water when the temperature soars. You must not wait until you are thirsty to drink water. Instead you need to keep drinking water during summer to stay hydrated and avoid dehydration. Increased dehydration would hamper your overall performance. Besides, you may experience symptoms like light-headedness, headache, sleepiness and more.

So, it is necessary to drink sufficient water before workout and keep a bottle of water with you throughout the workout session. Drinking sufficient water is not only helpful to stay hydrated, but it is also one of the best Nykaa fashion summer tips for skin. So, drink water regularly and stay hydrated during workouts.

Listening to your Body

Staying in tune with your body is of utmost crucial for fitness. You need to closely monitor if any symptoms arise like extreme thirst, dizziness, nausea, dry mouth, and cramps during workouts. Some of the symptoms arise and subside automatically, but if it gets worsen seek medical help immediately.

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Don’t: Summer Fitness for Women

Don’t Eat Protein before Workout

Lean protein is a rich source of energy, but it doesn’t mean that you have to consume it before workout during summers. Eating protein before a workout may increase the basal temperature and this will make you feel hotter during workouts. It is suggested to consume protein after your workout session as it helps in rebuilding the muscles. While performing your workouts you must focus on keeping the temperature lower by drinking plenty of water and sports drinks.

Avoid Staying Out in Sun for Longer Periods

One of the best Summer Healthy Tips is to avoid direct sunlight for prolonged periods. The heat of sunlight during summer is intense and extreme and it can take a toll on your body by burning your skin and also causes other damages to your health and system. Avoid outdoor activities and workouts when the heat is extreme outside. If performing workouts outdoor is necessary, then apply sunscreen all over your body to ensure maximum protection from the harmful UV rays of sunlight. But according to experts, you must avoid performing workout outdoor during summer.

Healthy Tips

You may perform your workouts in shaded places to stay cool. The shaded places are cooler and may allow you to complete your intense workouts easily despite the soaring heat outside. Outdoor workouts must be scheduled in the early morning when the outdoor temperature remains colder. This will reduce the risk of sunstroke, heat exhaustion and dehydration.


The summer fitness for women can turn into a fun-filled session, especially if these dos and don’ts are considered seriously. It is extremely necessary that you follow these guidelines and fitness tips for summer in order to achieve your fitness goals even when the temperature is soaring. There are online fitness programs and personal trainers that offer different workout plans and nutrition programs online and you may follow these programs during summer to stay on the right path of your fitness goals.

So, don’t consider the summer months of the years as the time for slacking off. Use these above-mentioned fitness tips for summer to stay in shape and fit and achieve your fitness goals efficiently without worrying about the soaring heat of summer months.  

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