7 Ways to Fight Boredom and Anxiety During Self-Isolation Period


“Bored in the house” is probably dominating the hashtags these days, since we’ve all been inside for weeks as a way to slow — and hopefully stop the coronavirus from spreading. But since we’re all humans and we’re not really great about having endless free time at home, a lot of us are getting a little stir-crazy without fail. 

It’s okay to feel bored and anxious when things are understandably weird right now; but, taking a look on the bright side, maybe staying at home is a mixed blessing. Think about your previous normal days when you barely had enough time to do all the things you wanted because you seemed pretty occupied with workload or school stuff. Think about the days when you wanted to sleep a few more minutes before finally getting up to fulfill your duties. Now that all the circumstances in the world are giving you the free time you longed for and needed, why not make the most of it? 

Just because you stay indoors, it does not mean entertainment sources are limited. You don’t have to write an entire novel and be the next greatest novelist after this quarantine, but if you need some structure in your daily life in a tiny apartment, all alone with a doggy, dreaming about the outside world, here are some relaxing ways you can do during this time. 

Workout, meditate, and reflect. 

This isolation period is a great excuse to spend more time working out or doing yoga every day, especially when all we do is eat and slack off inside the house. Not only do exercise and meditation boost physical fitness but these activities also improve mood, lower stress and anxiety, and develop self-esteem — a few things we need in this trying time more than ever. Also, take this time to reflect, appreciate what you have for now, and think about planning for the future.    

Learn something new. 

Whether it be a new language, a recipe, or a musical piece, make your boredom an opportunity to learn something new. Why waste your time curling up on the couch when there are so many resources available that can teach you new skills? Check out YouTube tutorials, blogs, or online courses that you might be interested in.   

Take a Virtual Trip. 

If traveling is what you’ve been longing for the most since the lockdown started, there’s one way to get outside without really having to leave the house. See the world by taking a virtual trip and get lost to the farthest places from the comfort of your bed. 

Reconnect with old friends. 

Being occupied with loaded schedules, we sometimes forget to say hi to our old friends and ask how they’re doing. Take this free time to catch up on group chats or video calls.  


While beach resorts are temporarily closed, you can take advantage of your lap pool in the backyard if you have it. Swimming is another form of relaxing activity that stimulates the brain to release “feel-good” hormones and helps you reduce stress and anxiety. Whether you are an athlete or a novice, do not forget to wear custom swim caps to protect your hair from too much heat.     

Transform your bathroom into a DIY spa. 

With some nice face masks, bubble bath bombs, body oil, and some relaxing music, you can already have that five-star spa moment to help you boost your mood naturally. You can also follow DIY wine and honey bath soak for a better spa experience. As you transform your bathroom, why not take this time to reorganise your house as well to create a new style and mood. 

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