Staying Fit During Coronavirus Pandemic – You Have Multiple Options!


In this Coronavirus Pandemic, people must make time for their physical activities when they are home quarantined. As parks, gyms closed, and outdoor activities are limited due to COVID-19 pandemic, involvement in physical fitness training can be challenging for many. However, finding a new way to adapt to these new situations is crucial for the maintenance of your health and fitness levels. From health supplements to protein shakes and vitamin doses, you can have it all to stay healthy, but along with these you also need physical exercises and workouts to maintain your fitness levels while being quarantine. Look out for HealthXP discount code Online to enjoy some discounts on health supplements and shakes.

Why Exercising and Physical Activities are Important?

As per the CDC or Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, it is of utmost crucial for all to get sufficient physical activity during Coronavirus Pandemic as this can help prevent 1-10 premature deaths. Unfortunately, only 50% of the adult population gets the required physical activity for the prevention and reduction of chronic diseases. With regular physical activity one can prevent:

  • 1 in 8 breast cancer cases
  • 1 in 12 diabetes cases
  • 1 in 8 colorectal cancer cases
  • 1 in 15 heart disease cases                 

How to Improve and Maintain Fitness at Home?


Yoga is the form of workout that can be done anywhere; all you need is Yoga mat, a program to follow, and comfortable dresses. You can order the Yoga mats and other equipment online to get free home delivery from different online stores and outlets. There are multiple online tutorials on YouTube and other channels that you may follow to learn some poses of Yoga to practice them at home.

Resistance/Weight Training

There are many people who are not having any dedicated gym at home, but they can still train their body during this lockdown. They need to use only resistance bands or dumbbells which they can purchase online. If you are tight with a budget and don’t want to spend money on such items, you can create your own weights at home using common household items.

There are online classes for home stretch training. You may enroll in such classes to learn new techniques and workouts that you can perform at home.

Body Weight Exercises

You don’t need to have resistance bands or free weights to perform strength training at home. You can make use of your body weight to hit each part of your muscles for the full workout.

Jogging or Walking on Treadmills

Treadmill is the common exercising equipment that every modern home has. You can use your treadmill for jogging or walking on it to get your cardio better. If you are performing your workouts, jogging, or walking outside the home during COVID-19, then ensure to follow the guidelines of social distancing which is important to prevent the spread of the virus.

So, these were some of the factors which you need to keep in mind to stay fit and healthy during COVID-19 pandemic. If you need to buy any nutritional supplements or drugs ensure using Healthgenie online offers to save some money on your purchase.    

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