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Despite different timber variants that are in use today, cherry wood captures significant attention of homebuyers because of their innate beauty. Since time immemorial, cherry wood cabinets have been honored by most homeowners who look for plush designs when it comes to enhancing the interiors of their homes. Considered to be time-honored the wood variant wears a classic charm and responds to both ultra-modern as well as traditional kitchen decor.

It seems like cherry kitchen cabinets will never go out of style. With their classic warm appeal cherry wood kitchen cabinets are durable and preferred by a majority of cabinet makers or woodworkers who have their eyes on highest quality timber for delivering cut above class furniture.

What makes Cherry Wood Cabinetry Special?

Cherry Wood Cabinetry

Woodworking attains a new meaning with cherry wood. Although it is especially used for making vintage cabinets, cherry wood is also popular in contemporary timber works. The features of the wood especially make it a primary choice for vintage kitchen cabinets. One of the unique characteristics of the wood is its closely packed grains and its innate ability to change hues with time. Colour alteration is a chief reason adding to the exquisiteness of the wood. Unlike other timber categories which are in use, cherry wood changes its color from light to dark.

The heartwood of the timber is darker. On the other hand, the sapwood of cherry timber is considerably lighter in color. People love introducing cherry vintage cabinet to their kitchen majorly because the wood boasts of a solid texture, excellent ability to resist shock, and extreme durability.

What will surprise, you the most is the nature of the grains. The grains of cherrywood are dynamic. They will reveal beautiful swirls, curls, streaks, and knots adding to the beauty of vintage kitchen cabinets. If you are thinking of replacing the vintage white cabinets in your kitchen, consider bringing in a dash of hue by choosing cherry wood furniture.

Cherry wood is a critically acclaimed timber. Its application is witnessed in wide choices of designs and woodwork cultures, starting from countryside designs to shaker styles.

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The Strange Color Changing Trait of Cherrywood

One of the characteristics which add to the uniqueness of the wood is its color-changing habit. As mentioned, finished cherry darkens with time. As a result, the grain patterns become more detailed over the passage of time. When exposed to ultraviolet rays, the variation occurs faster as the wood quickly starts darkening. Remember before buying cherry kitchen cabinets, the furniture is likely to change its color as it ages.

When choosing cherry furniture keep in mind the grains also vary with the finishing. Also, the wood reacts with sunlight as a result of which its overall appearance changes. The styles mostly available for cherry wood cabinetry can range from darker shades to lighter ones. Dark-colored cherrywood furniture with an excellent rich finish can make for a contemporary upgrade for your kitchen.

In order to complement the appeal of cherry wood, you can choose warmer accents like brass or gold. For a more reddish look, you can pair the furniture silver or even black handles.

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