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How one looks, they say, speaks a lot about the personality. At first glance, the appearance of a person shapes our perception of them and influences whether we choose to connect with them or not.

Imagine having a car splash muddy water on your beautiful and well-ironed outfit. Imagine having a spill of drink on your favorite white dress. As much as you want to shape your appearance to be at best, sometimes, situations like these which are out of control could leave your clothes with terrible stains. With the proper cleaning method, your stained clothes could be as sparkling as new.

Hence, knowing which method is appropriate between the two available options— dry cleaning and laundry—determines your chances of giving your cloth back its brilliant look. Selecting the right cleaning method, however, can be confusing.

In this post, we’ll be highlighting some useful tips to help you understand the differences between dry cleaning and laundry and why we think dry cleaning in London may be what you need to give your cloth back its brilliance. Let’s explore some differences below!

  1.  The Type Of Solvent Used

Most people rarely know why dry cleaning contains the word “dry”. If you’re guessing it’s because water isn’t used, yes, you are right. Dry cleaning differs from laundry because it doesn’t use water with soap as its cleaning solvent. Rather, dry cleaning involves using chemical solvents to keep your cloth glowing.

Because of the difference in the chemical action of the solvent used, dry cleaning is more effective at removing grease and tough oil stains.

  • The Mode Of Drying

In dry cleaning, the way clothes are dried varies significantly from the laundry process. In dry cleaning, a special drying machine is used to dry the clothes at the appropriate temperature and instructions specified by the care label from the cloth manufacturer.

This difference in the drying mechanism gives dry cleaning an advantage. Its method of drying prevents shrinkage and protects the shape and texture of the cloth so that the originality is preserved, unlike conventional methods of drying in laundry where the cloths can get stretched, affecting how well the cloth fits.

  • Dry Cleaning Preserves the Quality Of Fabrics

Everyone dreads the feeling of having a decline in the quality of their favourite cloth after each wash. With dry cleaning, you don’t have to worry about any damage to high-quality fabrics like leather, silk or wool. Dry cleaning prevents distortion and preserves the quality of your fabric and increases its lifespan.

Additionally, dry cleaning is more effective at minimising discolouration. Dry cleaning is, indisputably, the go-to option if you want your clothes to retain their freshness and newness.

Still Want to Find out More About Dry Cleaning?

Extra care is needed to preserve the initial high quality of your cloths. With dry cleaning, you are assured of that extra super care required to keep your clothes sparkling with beauty.

To know more about how dry cleaning can give your cloth the kind of super appearance that befits you, you can reach out to our expert dry cleaners in London on 020 73285621 today.

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