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Painting is a super fun task as it brings out your inner creativity. Things become even more exciting when the canvas of your painting ideas is your own home. From the house exteriors to the ceilings and the walls, painting your own home can become a super easy and fun-filled task if you know the exact medium of the paint that will help your walls shine and ideas bright in your home.

This article in collaboration with JLL Painting Services which have expert house painters near me provides you a complete idea of how and what mediums of paints you can use to create beautiful and spellbinding pieces of art on your walls and make your home your ideal canvas.


For a beginner, you must know what paint exactly means only then you will be able to distinguish between the further classifications and describe what type of medium you want to be applied to your walls.

Paint is a mixture of four basic ingredients such as pigments, resins, solvents, and additives. Pigment is the color and resin is the binder or the glue. The solvent is the carrier that makes the paint liquid and evaporates in the air as the paint dries. Additives provide specific performance characteristics for instance mold killing, stain blocking, weather shields, etc.

Water-Based and Oil-Based Paints:

The two solvent categories in which all paints fall are the water and oil-based paints. Water-based paint has the water as the solvent but in order, o confuse these paints name their solvent as latex though it does not contain any latex. The oil-based paints are of perplexing nature as well as their base solvents are not oil instead the main solvent in an oil-based paint is the thinner.

Alkyd Paint:

Alkyd paints are not commonly used in home applications. There were times when these paints were used in bathrooms and other wet areas as they were easy to scrub and were more reliable and durable than other latex-based or water-based paints. But today this is not true due to the advancement in the painting industry it is a proven and tested fact that many newly produced and formulated latex paints outperform alkyd paints.

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Paint Sheen:

Another factor called paint sheen should be considered before selecting paint medium as recommended by those who have JLL Painting Services which have expert house painters near you. Paint sheens mean how shiny your painted surface becomes after drying.

There a four basic sheens as per JLL Painting Services which have expert house painters near you.

  • Flat:

These paints have the least amount of sheen. The advantages of this are that the paint hides imperfections well and the painted surface creates very little glare. The disadvantage is that is not very washable. If you rub the surface with a damp sponge, the paint may come off on the sponge. For all of these reasons, flat paint typically is used only on the ceilings in homes.

  • Eggshell

This type of paint has a moderate amount of sheen so it hides imperfections somewhat and produces relatively little glare. It’s also fairly washable. These characteristics make it the standard choice for all walls in living areas, everywhere except kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Satin

This paint is alike eggshell and is sometimes a half-step up in glossiness. Some manufacturers offer satin in place of eggshell; others offer both.

  • Gloss

Gloss paint is used on trim, doors, and cabinets because it’s rough and greatly washable. It also reflects a lot of light, which makes these small but detailed elements pop with color.

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