Expert’s Advice: Facts You Should Consider While Selecting a New Shower


When it comes to select a new shower for your house, it is necessary to get the right one that precisely suits the water system and the pressure of your home. Moreover, several crucial aspects are also there to consider while choosing a specific shower type for your home. Read on this blog to know what they are and choose the most appropriate one on the basis of these elements.   

Basics of showering

Before delving into the crucial aspects, it is vital to gather information about the basics of the showering system. It is entirely depended on the water system and pressure of the property. Every shower system is stipulated with average water pressure and rate of flow. So, it is your responsibility to know which shower type can collaborate perfectly with your water system for offering a relaxing shower.  

Kinds of water system you have

Widely, 3 usual water system types are there in the UK. All of these can be selected on the basis of the low or high water pressure of your home.

The very first one is the gravity-fed system in which a tank of cold-water will be there in the loft and a water cylinder is under it (or in the airing cupboard). This low-pressure water system is available in the majority of homes.  

The next one is the unvented water system. It comprises of the hot-water storage cylinder which gets direct cold water supply from mains eliminating the necessity of cold-water tank. As the water heats up by the in-built coil it gets ready to use. It is called a high-pressure water system.

The third and the last one is the combi boiler which is responsible for supplying hot water on demand whenever any water outlet is turned on. It is taken directly from the main by eradicating the essentiality of a water tank or cylinder. It is also a high-pressure water system.

The water pressure

Every shower handset, head, and the system comes with some specific requirements of water pressure. It clearly defines that not all types will be accommodated to every water pressure and flow. On the basis of the type of your home water system, you can choose the ideal one.

In case you fail to identify the water pressure of your home, call any local plumber to get the job done by inspecting the water system. Accordingly, you can select the right shower system to perform shower installation in your home.   

Types of shower

Once you have known the water pressure and the entire water system of your home, it is the right time to set out to buy a proper shower and install it. AS there are a number of options to select from, it is obvious to get addled.

Go through this post once to know the potential pros and cons of every type of shower. This will help you to narrow your choice list and buy the right one for your home.     

Electric showers

If there is no boiler or other facility of hot-water supply in your home then the quick choice for you will be an electric shower. It has the ability to heat up the water in the precise showering temperature. Its only limitation is the slightly old-fashioned showering style which provides less volume of water in contrary to other luxurious deluge showerheads.

Even it has a tendency to offer a weaker flow if compared with power and mixer showers. If you need more water pressure select such an electric shower that comes with an in-built pump.

Installation of electric shower

You must choose a qualified and experienced fitter for proper shower installation in London. It is so; because it involves some electrical work and mixing of water with electricity can result in tremendous hazards. A highly experienced fitter is also recommended by the shower’s manufacturer because they offer guaranteed installation service. It will also protect you and your home from severe electrical accidents in the future.   

Mixer shower

Mixer shower can be your best companion because it has the ability to supply the combination of cold and hot water on demand. As it can be switched to the high or low-pressure water system, choose the most appropriate one for your home.

A luxurious rain shower can be your choice too but ensure that for having this in your home there is a high water pressure system. Otherwise, you have to install a separate pump for increasing the water pressure.

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Bath shower mixer

If the shower and bath can be combined it becomes a bath shower mixer. It is widely available in the marketplace in an array of prices and styles. So, if you are about to install this shower type in your home then choose wisely and smartly. Then only you will be able to get the most appropriate style for your family and bathroom at a feasible price.

Amongst various styles, the most famous one is the attachment of the shower with bath taps. It comes with an ac diverter to fill the bath by taps or enjoy cool showering under the shower. While purchasing, make sure that the diverter is easier to use and possesses exemplary quality.     

Digital shower

One of the latest trends of the shower room is the digital showering facility. It comes either in a mixer or in electrical models. As it equips with the wireless shower panel technology it combines cold and hot water thermostatically to the selected water pressure and temperature. By opting for this option, you can enjoy a number of impeccable benefits- easy installation, precise pressure, and temperature control.

Some models are amalgamated with pre-programmed setting and thus you will not experience pesky spikes anymore while opening the showerhead despite running taps in the kitchen or bathroom simultaneously. Furthermore, it is also quite reasonable is contrary to other types of showering at the same time.   

The limitation of shower valve

Although it’s not sound exciting shower valve plays a crucial role to flow the water to the showerhead by operating the flow and temperature of the water simultaneously. Every shower type excluding electric shower possesses a shower valve which comes in two types- exposed or concealed. On the other hand, the electric shower is the only type which has its own shower valve unit.

Advantages of concealed valve

The concealed valve will be recessed within the wall and cannot be visible from outside. But all of its operational switches will be there on the wall only the attached pipes and outlets are hidden into the wall. According to the expert, it is more alluring to the people because of its both functional ability and aesthetic appearance.

It comes with much flexible designing options along with a plethora of handles and concealing plates. Due to its compatibility with numerous shower handsets and heads at a time you can obtain optimal functionality and good look of the shower room as well. Concealing plates are reliable to perform the proper maintenance of the concealed valves by getting easy access by removing it.

Advantages of exposed valve

A horizontal bar and water control features are the main two things can be found in the exposed valve. All of the associated pipes and outlets will remain visible on the walls with this valve type. As it possesses external installation, it is much easier to install and that too without resulting in any disruption to the bathroom tiles.

If you are budget-conscious then, it can be your perfect companion as it loads with several interesting features like pre-set maximum temperature, eco-flow control, thermostatic temperature control, and separate flow. But what it lacks is the design options. Due to its external installation and visibility over the wall, it hampers the aesthetic appearance of the shower room and occupies much space at the same time.

Manual shower valve

Shower valves are controllable both thermostatically and manually.

Manual shower valves are incredible in monitoring both the rate of water flow and temperature. It valves can control high-temperature level but if the supply of cold water gets reduced by any other tap of the house then you have to operate the shower to resist the temperature from getting spiked. As per the leading shower experts, it is quite affordable and worthy of money too.

Thermostatic shower valve

A thermostatic shower valve is an ideal option for families as it can control the temperature of the water accurately. Moreover, this feature is pre-set in this type of shower valve with an average level before installation.

So, if the incoming water temperature fluctuates it will respond for compensation the temperature into constant. In case of failing down of the flow of cold or hot water, it shuts down completely on its own to prevent the issue of blistering which is really helpful if there are kids in your home.

Diverters and outlets

Shower valves help in controlling the rate of water flow to the showerheads or its outlets. 4 prime types of showerhead are there as;  

  • Mounted on the wall and fixed
  • Mounted on ceiling
  • The shower column comprises of a hand shower and a fixed showerhead
  • The shower kit and slide rail consists of a hand shower on a slide rail

A normal valve enables you to monitor the single shower outlet only but with the complex valve, you can monitor multiple outlets as it uses a diverter. Therefore, if you have installed body jets, a hand shower, and a fixed overhead shower then water flow will be operated by the diverter within various outlets potentially more through once at a time on the basis of the water pressure.   

Although the selection procedure is quite daunting yet by considering the above-mentioned facts you can install the most suitable one in your home. Once the perfect shower is installed you will be able to relax in luxurious style while enjoying a perfect combination of pressure and temperature.

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