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Summers are always exciting, but the heat is usually another factor to consider. One of the hottest parts of the home in this period is typically the loft, which is why being without an air conditioner for loft is almost unbearable. If you have experienced this, then you must find a way to keep your loft cool when the summer gets hotter. Reach out to us for more information.

According to science classes, you would remember that by nature, heat rises. This principle is what makes your attic conversion hotter and stuffy than every other part of the house during the warmer summer months. Do you have a loft conversion in your home, or are there any plans on ground to build one? These tips will help you keep it cool as the heat rages.

  • Ventilation

There will be a significant difference in your loft conversion if the hot air finds a way out. You can keep your window open to send out the hot air and allow fresher one to come in. A good ceiling or standing fan can be helpful too. It will forcefully send out the air, leaving the room with better and fresher air. The wind chill effect will also make you feel better.

If you have plans to build in a loft conversion or you want to remodel the old one. You can choose to go for the big opening roof lights. Installing them will give you good natural light and give you proper ventilation for your space. Having larger windows will also be helpful in times like this. They will allow a better flow of air.

Installing an exterior security grill door will allow you to keep the outside door open for some time until they provide the much-needed ventilation.

  • Planning

Planning your activities well will help lower the temperature of your loft when the sun is hot. You can postpone tasks like baking, laundry, and other functions that increase the heat of the home until the evening when the weather is cooler.

You can schedule your workout in the morning so that you will have a lower body temperature in the evening. This will also prevent more steam from going up to your attic. You should open your windows before dawn so that the cool breeze will come in and cool the loft. However, this window should be closed before the heat rises.

For your kitchen, you can reduce the heat generation by either cooking with the microwave or eating fresh foods like salad, which does not require heat to cook. You can do all the heated food in the evening when the temperature is reduced.

  • Insulation

Most people only know about the warming effects of insulation during the winter. Do you know it can also help you cool off when it is summer? Yes, why don’t you try it in your attic? Having a super insulation board will deflect the heat and prevent the hot air from accumulating in your home. A good board will cool better and save costs during the winter. So, you have nothing to lose.

  • Air conditioning

If you need the cold air to brush past your skin while you cook and do whatever you wish without the rules, then you should consider loft air-conditioning. However, you will need a professional to install and maintain the air conditioner for you.

This may not be the most economical option; neither is it very suitable for the ecosystem. However, if you need the easy way out, there it comes. To reduce your electricity bill and carbon footprints, you can fit in solar system units.

  • The colour of your roof

Having a dark shade roof will trap sunlight and make your house hotter. You can try brighter color tiles (terracotta) on the roof to reflect the sun and make your home more conducive. Get the professionals to paint or re-tile for you if you do not want the previous look. It can be dangerous to allow unqualified individuals to do it for you.

  • Shield from direct sunlight

Direct sunlight in your home will rest on your furnishings and make your house hotter even without loft conversion air conditioning. Use darker blinds or curtains to block direct sunlight from coming into your home. Keeping them closed throughout the day and when you are out of the house will help a whole lot.

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