Why Is It Imperative to Remove Stump from Your Yard?


After tree cutting, you will be left with the unsightly tree stump in your yard. It is really important to get rid of a tree stump? What happens if we leave the stump as it is? Well, we are going to find the answer to this question in this article.

Some people do not consider stump removal as an important thing. They think that the stump will rot and automatically vanish. In some cases, new branches start growing from the tree stump.

Even if it does not lead to the generation of new branches, then the rotting process will take so much time and attract various pests and insects. The rotting stump will affect the visual appeal of your yard.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the top reasons for the removal of the stump from the yard.

1.Unsightly Yard

It is imperative to keep your outer space in good condition to leave a good impression on the home visitors. No matter how much you have maintained the visual appeal of your outer space, an unsightly stump can ruin your efforts.

The tree stump can never make your yard look attractive, even if you try to transform it into an artwork piece. It will start rotting and create the mess. Therefore, it is recommended that you should prevent your house from the mess by removing the stump from your yard properly.


Tree stumps are not just unsightly, but they can also lead to a big hazard. The tree stumps in your landscape are dangerous for your kids, home visitors, and also harmful for the elder people in your house. These can be the reasons for the major tripping hazard. They can also create hurdles while mowing the grass.

If you accidentally hit the mowing machine in the tree stump then it will lead to damage in your machine. Thus, it will incur the repairing cost and a trip to the repairing shop. In simple terms, the tree stumps create liability concern and can become the reason for the major hazard.

3.Invite Insects and Pest

If you will leave the stump as it is, then it will start rotting. The decaying stump will attract pests and insects such as carpenter ants, termites, etc. If there are some other trees around the stump, then the rotting stump can spread the tree diseases to the surrounding trees.

Thus, the rotting stump poses a threat to the trees in its surrounding. In case, the tree stump is nearby to your house, then the pest attracted by the rotting stump can damage your house. Therefore, it is a good idea to get rid of the stump as soon as possible.

It is better to hire the arborist that offers stump removal services along with the tree removal. By removing stumps, you can protect your trees and other foundational structure from insects and pests.

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4.Visually Displeasing Re-growth

Sometimes, fresh stump starts re-growing rather than rotting. But the re-growth is not visually pleasing and affects the visual appeal of your yard. If some species of trees are cut down very close or above the grade, then it leads to the re-growth of branches.

If it starts happening, then you should call an arborist such as a north shore stump removal contractor who provides stump removal services at affordable prices. This new growth of branches is called suckers. These new branches will start taking nutrients from the nearby plants.

Ultimately, your landscape will start suffering. If you leave these branches, then your tree will start transforming into ugly bushes. The new growth of branches can also become a major source of hazard.  

5.Spread Tree Diseases

Mostly, the trees are removed from the yard because they are infected by certain tree diseases. If you left the stump of trees as it is, then it can harbor diseases. This rotting tree stump can be the major reason for the spreading of diseases in various other trees in your yard.

It will lead to the ending up of trees, shrubs, and flowers in your yard. If you want to protect your yard from unwanted problems, then you should not leave the tree stump as it is. 

Hire the Best Tree Stump Removal, Contractor

Some situations can make the stump removal process quite difficult. For instance, nearby obstacles can make it very difficult to access the stump and remove it properly. Some people prefer DIY, but you should not do it without proper knowledge and tools.

It is worthwhile to hire reputable tree service providers to get rid of tree stumps from your yard. The reputable tree professionals have the necessary tools and they have good knowledge and experience in this field. Thus, they can remove the tree stump thoroughly.

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