Young people in India are increasingly looking for opportunities to study abroad due to the demand for high-quality higher education. Without a doubt, some of the best educational institutions in India are sincerely working to provide their students with a quality education. But despite this,  Indian students wish to pursue education abroad due to more opportunities and several other benefits. But to get admission to a foreign university is a bit challenging as there is an extensive documentation process involved. Students often take the help of immigration consultants to help them with the visa application process. The saddening part is that many fraud consultancies have opened up these days whose only purpose is to fool gullible students and take away their money

There is no doubt that choosing the right immigration consultant is quite daunting. Since hundreds of agencies have mushroomed across towns and cities of the country, it is not always easy to pick the right one. But hang in there! If you are looking for the most reliable consultants to help you realize your dream of studying abroad then you should connect with the best study visa consultants.

We have penned down this article to help you understand how to spot a fraud immigration consultant-  

Incomplete  information

A fraud immigration consultant will not let you become aware of all the facts related to the visa application process.  Transparency is very important. But he will do his best to prevent you from knowing about the details of the application process. He will become irritated if you will ask him for more information. It is natural to have many queries and doubts during your visa application process.

You would wish to get all of them cleared. But if the consultant is not helping you address your concerns and queries then it is best to drop him and search for another reliable consultant. Actually, the consultant will delay your queries so that later on you have to be entirely dependent on him. And he might demand more funds from you to solve any query.  So if your consultant isn’t ready to provide clear and transparent information you need to drop him off at any cost. 


A specific way of accepting payment

If your study visa consultant is insisting on cash payments then you should be wary about it. Avoid making full payment in cash. The reason behind this is that there is no proof in case there is a cash-based transaction.  Later on, if you file a case against the consultant then you won’t have any proof of the transaction to show to the court and the case will be straight away dismissed. So try to insist on an online and reliable mode of payment.

Also, a trustworthy immigration consultant will adopt proper and formal communication channels to convey any message or information. They will have established social media handles. So in order to prevent any kind of fraud, you should make yourself aware of the various online methods of payment. If you are finding it hard to find a reliable study visa consultant then we can vouch for these trustworthy and authentic Canada visa consultant. They have years of experience in this field. 


Dubious  email address

An excellent reason to steer clear of an immigration consultant is the use of an odd or shady email address. A trustworthy study visa advisor will have a working, official email address. Before you contact them for additional consultations, carefully double-check the email address. You cannot put your private and personal information at risk by giving it to a fraud consultant. The public will only be able to contact the consultant through that email address. Hence it is crucial to use an authentic and official email address. Using an unusual email address or other types of unofficial email address is a good indicator that they might not be who they claim to be.

Wrapping it up

Studying abroad is the dream of many Indian students. The benefits that countries like Canada offer are immense.  But students need to be very careful when selecting a visa consultant. A wrong choice can put their dreams into jeopardy. We hope the above article will make you aware of the ways to escape from the clutches of fraud immigration consultants.