Important Tips And Tricks Before Listing A Divorce To Annul The Program


‘Marriages are for a lifetime’ or ‘Marriages are made in heaven’ are some of the very dearly romantic fairy tale phrases.

These phrases take a hackneyed look when suddenly chinks appear in a relationship rendering the two; Man and wife unable to continue in a congenial relationship.

Vows like ‘till death do us part’ fall by the wayside, and seeking a lawyer to settle the fierce battle for separation seems the only alternative.

But before you step into such a ‘jinx’ like situation, it’s very important to measure that this could be because either of you could be in a stressful frame of mind.

Solutions can still surface timekeeping a few right questions before contacting a lawyer/mediator.

Perhaps with the assistance of a marriage counsellor, it may prove worthwhile not filling in for a divorce literally and to suggest a few points are:

Voice Your Concerns:

Instead of merely imagining that you are contemplating separation and that the present decision has been heard by the other spouse in question, you are mistaken.

In any given emotionally volatile situation — aroused mostly by emotional upheavals like a cheat, financial deceit, or the inability to meet the demands of each other — the other person assumes that his feelings have been communicated in as little words as possible.

That is not always the condition. Voice your concerns before calling in for legal help. This way, if you part, you will have to remember that you gave the relationship the lost shot also by speaking the truth to your partner before parting ways.

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Make A Note

Another best way to sit and iron out the difference before parting ways is; taking the cue from the first suggestion of voicing your concern, make a list of what you could think that made the relationship work better earlier and is undergoing a patch currently, getting larger by the day.

A mental or a written note made by both sides could help iron out the difference instead of going hammer and tongs with the shortcomings of each other.

If left not discussed, it can easily become the bone of contention regarding what the opposite person must do or must not do.

Reason Out The Happiness Quotient

In a relationship, it’s essential to reason out the happiness quotient between each other. This automatically cuts the losses.

Reason out, what you are working into, is the legal separation worth the trouble?

Weigh what keeps you happy or unhappy. Are you still in love, have you become sexually incompatible, are the two of you unwilling to participate in the everyday chores, have the two of you lost the co-parenting skills, is there a third person in between your relationship, what is the biggest fear in ending the relationship -rejection and loneliness?

These questions can reason out your happiness quotient and can offset the negative. It also makes your choices transparent enough to decide whether to remain within the marriage or be out.

Answering the happiness quotient would certainly make divorce less overwhelming.

Share Your Expectations

There could be a responsibility that the other individual has a defined description that is not sorted out.

If, for instance, one person expects the other to take the lead in managing finances, and he or she would prefer not to, problems can result.

Emotionally too, love is not a wired switch that can be switched on and off.

For a relationship to stray apart, takes much longer than separating ways with legal aid; of which, not all are well versed with the legal proceedings of a divorce and a law assignment help Australia can prove extremely beneficial in understanding the proceedings before venturing into one.

Be Prepared For The Financial Stress

To raise pertinent questions like are you prepared for the financial losses barring the alumni that each other may settle for amicably or through a legal battle.

If you are parents, you will always be that together. Simply desist from using the kids as cannon food for fuelling more grievances. The upkeep of the child in question cannot be lost and it weighs differently in different countries.

Question yourself, are you prepared for the financial stresses in such circumstances? There is the likelihood of feeling lonely for everyone. But asking and answering them, nevertheless, must be done on your own accord.

Are You Ready To Handle

There are several aspects when in a relationship that an individual tends to overlook. Those can be big or small. Question yourself certainly whether you would be able to handle the day-to-day details that you left on your spouse, and they could be as big or small as he footing all the electricity, mobile, and your Netflix bills to begin with and vice versa.

One has to be ready for all the major transitions that come up which while in a relationship an individual tends to overlook. And later you may find yourself paying bills or figuring out taxes for the first time in years. The lack of such preparedness can only add to the chaos.

Understand that the problem could be you, other than the marriage. To be bored in a relationship, or running from responsibilities in a tough situation. It does not let you be rid of your responsibilities.


What did not work out in one relationship, may not work in the next either say, Psychologists.  

Conflicts may reappear in a subsequent marriage also.

Spouses who are able to realize that they must contribute to marital problems other than looking away could sometimes change course and possibly save a relationship and make a future in togetherness more long-lasting.

Remember, looking away from problems does not end a problem it merely extends it.

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