Double up Your Collection with these Different Types of Jhumka Earrings


Are you still in deep thoughts of what to get for yourself for your next event? If yes, then here I am today with yet another article for you in which I am going to help you decide an accessory that you can add to your jewelry collection for sure. It is very much possible that you all must have heard about the jhumkas or also might be an owner of it.

Today, I am going to show you some of the different types of jhumka earrings that you can surely get your hands on. You can get these latest earrings online or visit any nearby store for purchasing them. So, let us start with the list!!!

Conventional Golden Jhumkas

When talking about the traditional jhumkas, we talk about the very popular golden jhumkas which you can surely find in your mom’s collection. These are worn only with the ethnic apparel and will get you loads of compliments. The uniqueness of these earrings is attributable to the adornment of precious stones such as amethyst, emerald, ruby, opal, sapphire, pearls, and many other stones which end up giving them a distinctive style. The architecture of traditional jhumkas is very much influenced by the components of nature; which can be inspired by intricate designs of flowers or temple shrines.

Shiny Diamond Jhumkas

You all know that diamonds are the favorites of every lady and the same applies to the diamond jhumki earrings also. These are perfect for the modern girls who do not like the classic jhumki earrings with a gold-tone. Diamond studded jhumkis add a touch of glamor to the wearer. This modern jhumkis are great for teaming up with luxurious costumes.

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Hanging Kashmiri Jhumkas

The very famous and loved Kashmiri Jhumka Earrings are one of the most wanted accessories for every woman who loves something long to wear in her ears. They are perfect and suitable for all types of ethnic outfits and Kashmiri jhumkas have more demand than any other jhumkas according to the latest trend. Kashmiri jhumkas trend is way different from others since it has a long pearl chain attached to the jhumki. Those jhumka wearers must put the pearl chain behind the ear. These earrings certainly make you look magnificent on a festive day.

Elegant Pearl Jhumka

Whenever anyone talks about the ethnic jhumka earrings the first thing that comes to our mind is a very dainty dome-shaped element with a lot of beads attached to it. But what if the same comes in with something beautiful like pearls on it? Yes, the pearl jhumkas has been one of the most loved trends amongst the people these days. They are the best choice to pair up with traditional outfits and we may claim that without the pearl jhumkis, any traditional attire is incomplete. This form of jhumkas is the right choice to get the elegant, classic & trendy look.

Jacketed Ear Cuff Jhumkas

Ear-cuffs stylized with jhumkis are known as ‘jhumki ear-cuffs’. You can find a broad range of designs available in jhumka ear-cuffs but the swan-inspired jhumkas are best among all the jhumka ear-cuffs. These types of designs come into existence when fashion meets the traditions. I hope that you would like these ear-cuff shaped jhumka earrings and are surely going to adorn them for your next event.

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