Get Inspiring Tattoos For A Fresh Start In New Year 2021


There are various trends for getting tattoos and one of them that has stood out the most in recent years is that of minimalist designs. We will present you some options for tattoos in this article that you could get on your arms.

Tattoos Trends

Consideration of small size tattoos for this new year

The reason that a lot of people consider small tattoo designs is that they look beautiful, but are delicate and discrete in such a way that they will not be the most prominent part of your appearance. This is perfect for those women who have a calm personality and who prefer not to skin tattoos that stand out too much.

Another of the great benefits of this type of tattoos is that they are easy to disguise with clothes and even with makeup if you wish. Although, at present, the criticism towards tattooed people has diminished a lot. Some people want to cover it for certain occasions and with small designs, this is much easier.

Reason to choose small tattoo especially on arms

small tattoo especially

There are many reasons to choose the arm as the ideal area to carry a tattoo, especially if it is minimalist or very small. The main idea of this type of tattoo is that when you want it to be noticed, it is visible. When you speak or perform your daily actions, the movements allow various parts of your arms to be seen, so a small tattoo can always be appreciated. S

In addition, another great advantage of selecting this area is that no matter how small the tattoo you selected, it will not be confused, since it is frequent that when hiding it too much, the true design is not appreciated.

We cannot forget that if this design has an important meaning, it will always be close to your own sight. It doesn’t matter if you are in a meeting with friends, with your family, or working, the tattoo will be there all the time conveying your message or showcasing your personality.

Before diving into inspiring tattoo designs that you can paint on your skin, it is important to know what tips to follow when opting for a small tattoo.

These are the designs that could inspire you


If you want to mark your skin with an animal, you can opt for a design that concentrates a lot on linear elements with thin lines, so there will be more attention to detail.


Flowers tend to have many details and shades, so you can select a small design. However, do not lose these elements. You could also ask for a less realistic style and just leave it with a minimal silhouette.


The eyes are ideal symbolic tattoos to convey your vision of the world, so you can create a variety of designs to suit your tastes and personality.


They are another classic tattoos and their design can also vary in terms of taste, personality and meaning. Painting arm or skin with butterfly tattoo is ideal because you can easily do it in a very small version.

Tips for selecting a small tattoo for this new year

According to Tattoo Design Inc., small designs must be very well chosen as it is essential that you pay close attention to every detail so that your expectations are met.

Well defined details

Make sure the design is very well done, the details have to be defined to be distinguished. Otherwise, it will not be appreciated in the same way, especially due to the size.

Appropriate size

Although we are talking about a small design, you must take into account that this will also depend on the art you choose, because sometimes you must increase the size of the tattoo if it has many elements.

Difference between minimalist and small

You must differentiate very well and a minimalist design from a small one to choose exactly the one you like. A minimalist tattoo isn’t necessarily small, but you can have the best of both worlds if you want to.

Suitable tattoo artist

It is always important that you look for a specialist in the area. Remember that tattooists are artists who specialize in an area so it is not the same to select someone who focuses a lot on the details or an expert in strokes.

5 Inspiring Tattoos to get on your skin in 2021

Inspiring Tattoos

Increasingly, tattoo images have become standardized and accepted in various societies. No matter the age or gender, currently anyone can have one without having to hide it. Without a doubt, the different types of tattoos have become fashionable and are used as something aesthetic or to show something symbolic. Through these tattoos, people find another way to express their tastes and ideals.

There are tons of styles, techniques and professional tattoo artists that make incredible works of art. Let’s now talk about some types of tattoos that exist and cause a sensation due to their level of complexity.

It is important to know all the types of tattoos so that you can choose on with as much information as possible. Or, you can apply everything they ask you if you intend to become an expert tattoo artist yourself.

Traditional Tattoos

This type of tattoo is characterized by having thick lines and flat colors of great intensity, including red and blue. These tattoos are still inspired by the designs that were seen in the sailors of the United States. However, they have evolved little since the 1920s.

These old school tattoos usually show maritime symbols, such as anchors, swallows, eagles, lighthouses, ships, etc. Over time, pop culture aspects, such as poker cars, burning hears or thorns have been added.

Realistic Tattoo

These types of tattoos are designs that give a very real perspective. They are styles that are translated into paintings with characters captured on the skin. Expert tattoo artists create tattoo drawings that look like paragraphs. Basically, the tattoo artist has an image in front of him to inspire and create masterpieces.


Watercolor tattoos are seen in more people every day. And it is that this type imitates an artistic process, since it is composed of spots and stripes of color. This is done to give the impression of painting on a canvas or paper. In this sense, the watercolor effect gives a unique touch to the skin, something different from other kinds of tattoos.

Pointillism or dotwork

Pointillism requires a lot of patience, skill, and pulse control because it takes time to do. Among the most common themes or concepts within this style are geometry and portraits. For example, religious, spiritual or mandala tattoos are made more with this design.


One of the oldest techniques in the types of tattoos is the tribal. It is characterized by having a black color, designed with symmetry and geometric shapes. The tattoo artist also adds shapes with great precision, attention and delicacy. It is true that this style of tattoo has gone out of style. However, it still has its group of followers.


It is strongly recommended to choose the right tattoo parlor by finding out about its reputation and respecting hygiene rules. It is also advised that the tattoos done at home may be less expensive, but are risky and it is difficult to have cleanliness and quality in these conditions! The use of anesthetic cream is prohibited. It must be prescribed and applied by a healthcare professional. This type of cream can also hinder the tattoo artist in his work and affect the quality of the drawing.

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