“It is not fair! She gets everything!” a highly relatable dialogue for every brother when his favorite things go to his sister and she is right there in that situation with a smirk on her face as she is enjoying all the drama that is happening there but a sister loves her brother as much as she loves to tease him and the brother loves his sister even though they have massive fights.

Well as Raksha Bandhan is approaching, why not make it a little different yet special this year with these gifting ideas?


Every girl loves a new gadget. You can always gift her headphones, tablets or mobile phones, etc. as the return Raksha Bandhan gift. If she is a music lover then you can always gift her a sound system as well otherwise headphones are there to help her out, she can just plug them in the gadget that she is using and just enjoy music.

Or if she goes to college then a laptop would also be fine as she will get to complete her work through that.


The flowers are perfect for every occasion and are just relaxing and reminding the person that you admire them or appreciate them you can always go for a bouquet of roses, carnations or if they have a favorite flower then you can go for that also.  from Bloom’s villa which also ensures Online flower delivery in Ghaziabad.


Watches are just amazing; they will look elegant and classy and are available in various models as well. If she has a favourite brand or shape you can always observe that from her. The moment she gets that watch on Raksha Bandhan she will surely be wonderstruck and the smile on her face will surely put a smile on yours.



you can always give her paints, notebooks, those journals, and those beautiful fountain pens that she loves if she has a creative streak to her. She will surely be grateful for all these supplies and believe me you are going to see that million-dollar smile when she gets to know what you got for her. Other than that, you can always opt for table lamps and creative wall lamps for her.  


Try to choose a perfect floral blend for your sister because nothing can be more calming than the aroma of the perfume that you are going to buy for her. Don’t try for something too strong just a medium fragrance will do, try to keep an eye on the perfumes she is meaning to buy or the perfume brands that she loves.



Cakes are just amazing and are available in all flavors, if your sister is an Oreo lover like us then you can always go for an Oreo cake or how about a coffee cake?

And the best part is that bloomsvilla also bakes these cakes for you. You don’t have to worry about these as we do midnight cake along with online flower delivery in Jaipur as well.


Who doesn’t love chocolates? They are enjoyed by people of all ages and I’m sure that your sister will love them as well. There is a reason that they are loved by everyone. Why not make Raksha Bandhan special with a delicious box of chocolates?

Or maybe combine those chocolates with the flowers that she likes.


She must have had a ring or a necklace that she is meaning to buy for herself. You can always surprise her with these small pieces of jewelry that would bring a smile on her face and she will make sure that she thanks you a million times.


Well, every girl can relate to the statement that I have nothing to wear for the party or any special occasion that is taking place. My idea here is that you take her to the shopping mall and then when she chooses a couple of dresses just pay for her. It is just an amazing gift.


These are again best as your sister must have known what she wants from a very long time and it must have been there in the cart of her favorite shopping app. Why not surprise her with gift vouchers this rakhi and see those eyes light up as she thinks about purchasing her favorite things.


Even though she is not your little sister anymore, you can always give her teddy bears which will act as perfect room décor. Or if your sister is still a kid then she has a new friend who will save her from all the monsters that she has imagined for herself.

Make this Raksha Bandhan special for your sister and I hope you are filled with some ideas on what to give your sister this Raksha Bandhan. Make it special and make her smile.

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