So you have chosen Canada to pursue further education. You are all excited about this new journey of life. Well, the feelings are understandable. Moving to a foreign country is definitely a life-changing decision. When you move to Canada you have to make sure you manage your finances well. There is a huge difference in prices of common items and services between India and Canada. So you need to plan your finances very well in order to secure a stable future in Canada. 

Students encounter many challenges once they move to Canada including living independently, performing well in exams,  and fitting themselves in a completely new environment.  In addition to all of that, managing your finances can seem overwhelming.

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Read this article to make yourself aware of useful budgeting tips to manage your finances. 

Find a part-time job

  Canada allows students to do part-time jobs. In this way, they can manage their living expenses.  Also, there is no lack of employment opportunities in Canada. So you can easily land a job for yourself in Canada. Also, there is a minimum wage rule in Canada so there is no question of exploitation by the employers. Hence, once you land in Canada the first thing to do is to find a part-time job for yourself. 

Keep unnecessary expenses at bay

In your initial days, you will surely feel tempted to spend on new adventures in Canada. You can join any club or go out to parties with friends. Canada has some of the best restaurants so you would want to indulge in eating out. But hang in there! You have to understand the difference between needs and wants. It is fine to spend money on doing some adventure once a week but you cannot indulge in overspending money every other day. `So when you are in Canada make sure you keep all the unnecessary expenses at bay.

Apply for scholarships

Another good thing about Canadian universities is that it offers various scholarship programs to international students. You can apply for such scholarship programs. The Canadian government, a number of other governments, and non-profit organizations all offer numerous grants and scholarships to international students. You will receive funding for your studies, depending on the kind of scholarship program chosen by you. 

Find the right accommodation

Housing rent burns a major hole in the pockets of students. Students can choose any type of accommodation like  –shared rooms, hostels, paying guests, etc. So accommodation is available according to your budget. Usually, it can cost more to live on the college campus. Students are eligible for getting discounts on public travel. You can opt for shared rooms so as to save on accommodation expenses. 

Save on Travel/Commuting Expenses

As an international student, you might have to pay a daily commute fee to get to campus. Here are some recommendations for lowering Canadian transportation expenses.

In Canada, there are student discounts available, and the cost of public transportation is very affordable. With these passes, you can apply for limitless travel on pu

Walking to your university is a good way to cut costs if the weather is nice and you live close enough to the campus. Additionally, you will get your recommended daily amount of exercise without having to pay for a gym membership or any other type of exercise program.

Keep a tab on expenses

You should keep a tab on every expense that occurred. You need to track your daily expenses and keep a note of them. This will help you identify any unnecessary expenses which you might be incurring. Some students spend unnecessary amounts on food, grocery, etc. So you should not be one of them. Don’t overspend amounts on non-essential items. Try to save money instead of wasting it on non-essential expenses. 

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Avail Student Discounts

Another best part about Canada is the number of discounts it offers to the students. This country is very student-friendly. As an international student, you have the privilege of availing yourself discounts on travel, shopping, grocery, etc. Also in Canada, you’ll be paid sufficiently for overtime. Make sure you carry your identity card in order to avail the discounts. You can show this card at the specified places and get discounts. 

Wrapping it up

So to wrap it up, Canada is an extremely popular destination among international students for higher studies. It offers several perks to the students. But at the same time, Canada can be expensive and you need to manage your expenses accordingly. We hope the above article assisted you in understanding effective ways to manage your expenses.  

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