Top 7 Online Plus Size Clothing Shops for Curvy Ladies in Australia


There’s a saying that when life gives you curves, flaunt them. We see a massive change in mainstream culture with the addition of body positivity and fat acceptance. Nowadays, brands are adopting the trend of inclusive sizing concept. Not only the clothing shops and retailers are extending their size numbers, but plus-size modelling is also growing rapidly. We can notice the increasing number of endorsement of plus-sized models in fashion group nowadays. So it is high time to embrace body diversity. 

Inclusive size- a new horizon for the plus size clothing market

Plus size clothing fashion has come a long way comparing to the past. Earlier, the availability of plus size clothing was very poor, choices were minimal, and customers had to look for particular retailers to get the perfect fit. Being a curvy woman, all you want is to walk into any store and find your desired design and size. With the boom of plus size clothing lines, an increasing number of clothing brands are welcoming the new trend by extending their size ranges.

Companies such as H&M, Asos, Reformation, Forever 21 are some retailers that offer the latest inclusive size outfits and ship worldwide. The international retailers, local clothing shops, boutiques and department stores are also offering plus size clothing. In Australia, many clothing websites give you the option to get the perfect fit plus size items to flatter your curvy figure. Let’s look at some of the best plus size clothing shops in Australia. 

Top 7 online plus size clothing shops for curvy ladies in Australia

If you are searching for an on-trend style to fit, here are some online clothing stores to shop your plus-sized fashion. 

1. Kita Ku 

Feel Cool While Looking Stunning

Welcoming diversity, Kita Ku is focusing on spreading its clothing line with unique plus size dresses in Australia. You will get a mature yet young-looking woman look wearing any piece of Kita Ku. With its unique design, naturally inspired fibres and exclusive prints, you will get comfortable yet on-trend plus size dresses. From India’s cotton hand embellished garments to Bali’s hand-dying fabric, you will get a touch of these in your pieces as Kita Ku take inspiration from natural surroundings to design.

2. Curvaceous

Feel Good, Feel Comfortable

Curvaceous is an Australian plus size clothing family company known for its generous and good fitting range of women’s plus size clothing in Australia. Being liberal in size, you will get every measurement of every piece of Curvaceous. You can get handmade batik wears manufactured in India with beautiful details. If you desire a unique piece, go for Curvaceous, as using the family factory, it doesn’t manufacture more than 300 pieces per print. 

3. Harlow

Buy Well, Buy Quality, Buy Ethical

Harlow- A place for plus size and curvy women, designed and made in Melbourne in sizes 12-26. To make your shopping a joyful journey, they promise you the proper fashion that reflects your personality, no matter what size you are. To make your piece stick out from the crowd, Harlow put the pieces into a smaller collection. Using premium quality fabrics, the brand makes all sized women fall in love with fashion. 

4. City Chic

Perfect Cut for Your Curves

City Chic is an internationally recognised brand. From plus size dresses to lingerie, from oversized denim to top, City Chic is a great option and sizes of XXS to XXL are available for all the items. It gives you a fit guarantee as well as a return policy with a full refund. It welcomes you to the world of curves with its outstanding, chic and trendy clothing style. By graving a discount of up to 50%, you can flaunt any occasion wearing City Chic.   

5. Taking Shape

Brands to Celebrate Your Curves

With more than 140 stores in Australia and New Zealand, Taking Shape is another name of women’s online plus size clothing store in Australia. The brand specialises in fashion sizes 12-24 with its unique design, natural fibres and exclusive bold prints. You don’t need to abandon your comfort as Taking Shape brings both style and comfort together and give you a personal styling experience. 

6. Swish

Feel Good in the Clothes You Wear

Swish is an Australian leading plus size fashion retailer with multiple stores across South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. If you are searching for stylish high quality plus size clothing, Swish has you covered as it is popularly known for its premier plus size clothing. To flaunt any occasion, you can pick any outfit among Swish’s unique, colourful, and full of fantastic prints. 

7. The Unique You

Be Real, Be Yourself, Be the Unique You

An Australian based online plus size fashion and clothing boutique. It promises its curvy women customers to bring the accurate fit they will love with a 100% money-back guarantee. The Unique You works to look after the environment as it manufactures in an ethical manner using natural fabrics. It even stocks those brands that support minimal damages to the environment, such as Kita Ku, Orientique etc.

Including these mentioned clothing brands, there are still plenty of places online where you can search for inclusive sizing clothing.

The fashion market is changing, and there is no doubt that the future of the plus-size market is bright. The rising acceptances show the increasing demand as women are seen to embrace their size no matter it is a size 10 or 26. Moreover, shoppers who love to shop on a budget can grab various chances to get cheap plus size clothing as most of the online clothing shops offer various sales, free shipping option. Now, whenever we think of fashion, glamour, trendy clothing, we see the presence of the plus-size market as it has become a part of the fashion world. Adopting this trend, brands can encompass various countries and get a big target audience.

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