7 Best YouTube Marketing Strategy For Grow Your Small Business


YouTube is the 3rd most visited website in the world. And it is the second-largest video sharing platform after Google. According to 2019 stats, 80% of internet traffic will be created on video content. 

Every marketer wishes to promote their products or services on YouTube. YouTube marketing strategies help promote your business, reach to the audience, get traffic, and lead more leads.

In this guide, help to promote your small business into a large business. But, you should follow the below tips to enhance your marketing:

1. Optimize Your Channel Page:

Optimize Your Channel Page

Your YouTube channel is ready, and you have uploaded the videos on your channel. Now, you will get a massive response from the viewers. But you can’t? 

Then focus on your channel page and think about how to improve your channel. If you have no idea, then see the competitor channel page, and you will get a few ideas. 

Here are tips to enhance your YouTube page:

  • Make a video about your goal and what your brand is. Spend a lot of time on your YouTube channel page. 
  • Add your website link below of the profile and include social media profiles too. 
  • Design your channel art to link your websites and other social media
  • Add CTA options in the description section. 

This YouTube channel page establishes your personality and makes you confident in front of the audience. 

2. Keyword Research:

Keyword Research

Keywords are essential to improve your ranking and fetch results when the audience is searching. You’re a beginner in marketing strategies. Cool!! 

Then you have to use keywords in your content almost entirely at the preliminary research stage and product discovery. Place keywords at the beginning of the title and description content. 

Use keywords tools to find the exact keywords related to your channel, product, and target audience. When you choose a keyword, it should be a good impression on a monthly level. Initially, give out your YouTube ad budget in less amount over potential keywords.

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3. Create an Attractive Thumbnails:

Customizing your thumbnails is a compelling strategy to grasp the audience retention. Working with the thumbnail images helps to create traffic and make a desire to click. You can insert a custom thumbnail with your video by selecting the thumbnail option when uploading a new video. 

If you have no traffic for low thumbnails video, go to the video manager, click on edit, and then upload a new custom thumbnail.

Tips for making a customized thumbnail:

  • Upload images should be JPG, PNG, and GIF formats
  • Keep the image under 2 MB
  • The image resolution is 1280 x 720.
  • Use expressive colors for the text in the images. 
  • The Thumbnail ratio should be 16:9

4. Use CTA options:

Many YouTubers forgot the importance of CTA sections. So, you don’t forget it! At the end of the video, you can tell your audience to keep support and give my channel likes and subscribers. This is an ordinary way to connect with the audience.

The other way is to add your website link in the about page because a new subscriber entered your page, they are ready to know what your content is based on. So, if you add your link in the description section that helps redirect your page and get traffic on your website. 

If using CTA options in your channel, it is possible to get more YouTube likes and subscribers to your channel. Increasing likes and subscribers is the ultimate goal for every YouTuber. 

5. Use Social Media Channels:

Social Media Channels

Do you think uploading a video is enough to enhance your content? Absolutely not!! 

You should promote your videos on all of the social media. This strategy will increase your viewer’s count for your YouTube videos. Add your YouTube link with email signatures, and build a selected list of your quality videos and send them.

Create a social media account with your brand name on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Then post your video clips and add a link below of them. Once the audience is interested in your video, click the link and see your video channel. 

6. Consistency and Engagement:


Consistency is more important than your creative videos. If you’re a video creator, make a scheduled date and editing work and plan when you upload your video on your channel. 

Keeping consistency is a way of reflection to the audience “how your video is powerful.” Before taking a video, schedule your date when you are going to post? and start your work.

Before posting a video, give an announcement to your favorite audience when you upload a video. In this way, help create a curiosity among the audience and be ready to see your YouTube video. 

Engagement Factor:

Engagement is the keyword to remember and chant all your day. To create the audience love your YouTube brand, you have to show love to them. 

If you want to follow the engagement in highly effective ways. That are,

  • Reply to your audience through the comments section, who are all the comments on your videos. 
  • Subscribe to the audience about your YouTube channels and thank them with a cheerful smile.
  • Partnership with your YouTube influencers and make a video. 
  • Create a response video like “thank you” and conduct a Q & A section to build the audience’s relationship. 

7. Analysis Your Video Performance:

Analysis Your Video Performance

After uploading a video, your work has never been done. Analyze your video performance like how many new subscribers, likes, comments, share, and watch time. Compare your previous video and present video analysis and see any improvement in your video. If the count has decreased in your videos, the audience starts to dislike your videos. 

Hence, you should improve yourself by making a quality video without any distractions. Once you have noticed and changed one by one on every video, you will get a high success on this platform. 


Compelling content is the first step of the YouTube marketing strategy. Still, for a brand that needs to take its platform to the next level, several factors can be experimented with to make an explosive impact. Follow the steps mentioned above to improve your brand and get a huge fan base. 

Thanks for reading!! 

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Victoria Daniel is a social media expert and writer who is working in PixelGroovy. She is a regular contributor to well established IOT blogs and she has been into Internet marketing for two years.

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