7 Effective Tips For Instagram Marketing You Can’t Skip At Any Cost


Instagram is one of the most excellent marketing tools for all marketers. Businesses are more competitive, but you can lead all if you utilize these strategies. Nowadays, 90 percent of marketers use this opportunity for advertising to their audience. Because more than a billion monthly active users watch Instagram feeds for their own use. Possible to increase your followers from 0 to 600,000 followers, so you should use a business account on Instagram. If you have a personal account, you can change into a business account. Go to settings icon and tab to switch to a business profile.

Instagram Marketing Tip #1: Switch To Instagram Business Account

Switch To Instagram Business Account

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Instagram Business account provides many offers; there are:

  • Instagram insights – for collecting data about their account
  • Advertisement
  • Shopping
  • Add contact details and CTA button on profile
  • Add a link on Instagram stories

These accounts help to post on Instagram at the correct time, and you can focus more engagement with followers for one account. 

Instagram Marketing Tip #2: Define goals to a targeted audience

The Instagram platform helps to build effective brand awareness and make higher sales in the industry. Every marketer has different ideas to lead their business, so they can combine your all Instagram strategy to get different incomes. You can reach the audience when using Instagram because nowadays most of the people are youngsters. Instagram demographics define that the US is the largest Instagram market business, so you can put in some hard work to create quality content; that helps to communicate with people. Necessary to choose your Instagram advertisement for your targeting market. 

Instagram Marketing Tip #3: Perfect Your Bio & Profile photo

For impression, the profile is most important of every account; So you need to create perfect bio details within 150 characters. Show your brand personality to see when people visit your profile and also use your bio for mini descriptions about your brand as to why they follow. Name and username should be within 30 characters; then, you must add your clickable URL in your bio. Upload your contact details for easy search, and Instagram provides call-to-action to go to your profile directly.

Use profile strategies to optimize your profile for your brand business while you give more importance to profile photos. Adding a brand logo in your profile picture is the best choice to visit more people to know who you are. And one important thing that is the profile photo should be in 110p by 110p; then, it cropped to circle shape. 

Instagram Marketing Tip #4: Create Appealing Visual Content

Instagram platforms can share visual content to look simple, and your content should be Sharpe, who can understand within a minute. People keep searching for great photos and interesting videos. Hence posting interesting tutorials and new product launches through stories that take Instagram marketing to the next level. Much such interesting content grab more story views on Instagram hence boosting overall engagement. 

For more viewers, use Instagram for marketing, and you can add behind the scenes photos to show your manufacturing process to those who desire to see your storefront. Text-based images are most approaches, and user-generated content helps to build customers’ trust. If you use IGTV for your business, your video length should be up to 60 minutes. Instagram content needs to be found easily from the crowd, so use colors to influence your buying decision.

This more colorful content helps to immediate identification to attract followers. For more attraction, use lightroom presets; this is the best way. 

Instagram Marketing Tip #5: Give the best caption 

We agree that Instagram is visually based, but the caption is important to your content. To show your brand voice on Instagram, give some importance to creating the perfect caption for your content. Add your caption should be within 2,200 characters and use this opportunity to tell your story in detail. Most of the visitors read your first two lines when they visit your profile. So if you have any important points, write this in the first two lines, and it will appear in the news feed. Every social media platform recommend caption length; now, Instagram has some rules that are:

Organic posts should be from 138 to 150 characters, and your Instagram ads should be within 125 characters. Even if you have some extra point to say, go ahead; Instagram allows it. But one more thing that your caption must be relevant and informative. 

Instagram Marketing Tip #6: Include Relevant hashtags


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Instagram provides awesome hashtag features to promote brand visibility on Instagram. so that you can write captions with hashtags. Possible to use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram, but it doesn’t work all the time. Using 5 to 9 hashtags are best for your content to reach quickly, and if you add irrelevant hashtags, users don’t like to see your posts. And one of the strategies is niche-based hashtags that help to drive more engagement. 

Instagram Marketing Tip #7: Create Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram Story Highlights

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Marketers use these features to get great results for their business. IG stories are a vital part of the brands’ success, and the stories help to connect your followers and build relationships with them. But it will disappear within 24 hours, so Instagram offers a highlight option for keeping your story with you. To get interactive, use polls, and questions in your stories and direct message communication build your loyalty. Use highlights (story album) to save your story posts, but it will not disappear. 

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