How To Make Your TikTok Videos A Big Hit: 7 Untold Secrets Revealed


TikTok is the most downloaded app in the Google Play Store. It conquers millions of users and new users getting added every day. If you are new to the app, finding difficulties to know about its features, or you don’t see how your friends are rocking in it even if you are an old user, then you are at the right spot. We present here to let you know about untold seven tips that make your videos on TikTok a smashing hit.

If you can get the user interface on the TikTok complex, then it’s understandable. You may be looking for the tricks that make your TikTok videos so memorable with the stunning effects and duet videos and the perfect lip-sync songs that you need to sing. If so, this article is for you as we explained about the seven untold tips that make your TikTok videos a smashing hit.

Seven Untold TikTok Video Secrets

#1 Post Directly From Gallery

The primary thing on the list is to upload the videos from the gallery. It isn’t easy to create or record a video immediately. It takes time to think and plan. 

To do this, open the TikTok app, and click the add button at the bottom of the screen. Then tap on the upload button on the camera screen and select the video you need to post and click next. Suppose you want to add multiple videos, click the “Select Multiple” at the bottom left corner, and select the multiple videos. You can also adjust the length of the video clip or change the video speed and click the “Next button” once you are done.

Users can also apply various effects to their videos and click the next button to give caption and publish.

#2 Create Slideshows

You can work on the slideshow feature on TikTok without downloading the separate app.

To do so, launch the TikTok app, click the “Add” option at the bottom, and click the upload icon. Click the image option on the upload screen and select multiple images to create a slideshow and tap the slideshow icon, finally at the top right corner. Also, you can add effects such as animated transitions, sounds, and finalize your slideshow. Once you are done with these steps, tap the next button, and continue with the usual steps. 

#3 Downloading Videos Directly

We can download and share someone’s videos on TikTok easily. Go to the video you want to download and click on the share option at the top right corner. Just tap on the save option from the list to download the video and share it.

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#4 Perfect Lip Sync Videos

The primary feature in TikTok is creating Lip-sync videos. It is not an easy one, and you must spend more time recording and editing videos accurately. Accurate lip-sync videos with unique ideas on TikTok leads your video to obtain more TikTok likes and receive massive engagements. for your favorite videos on TikTok and trend it on the platform soon.

#5 Using Someone’s Lip-Sync Videos

Sometimes we will love someone’s lip-sync videos and would like to recreate it in our version. We can record it directly instead of selecting the sound from the TikTok’s library. Tap on the circle at the bottom right corner to do so, and click the record option.

#6 Duet Video

Suppose you and your friend are in different places or other countries, don’t waste time recording individual videos and syncing it later. You can use the Duet Video feature on TikTok. Go to the video that you want to do the duet video, then click the share icon and tap the duet option. Now you can do the usual video and share it as a duet video.

 #7 New Recording Method

The final tip is to record the video on TikTok without holding the record button. It feels unpleasant when holding the record button while recording video. You can solve it by using the timer feature on TikTok. Automatically it will start recording after a few seconds once the video is enabled. Click on the timer icon on the video capture screen to do so, and then select the start countdown button.

Bonus Tip : Search Videos By Sound

TikTok enabled advanced searches to search or find videos on the platform. If you get a piece of sound or music that you love and need to get other videos that have used the same audio, you can search on the platform with the audio and get the content. Watch the video clip with the music you wish. 

These were the best-untold tips for your TikTok videos to go viral within a short span. Share these tips with your friends who are hungry to trend their videos on TikTok.

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