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Social media platforms have had a significant influence on how businesses locate and engage with their target audiences.

Before the advent of social media, companies would have to visit faraway places to attend live events to identify a certain set of clients. However, the typical cost of attending even a modest business conference is approximately $1,000 – $2,000 making it extremely difficult for entrepreneurs to reach their target demographic.

But, slowly and steadily the social media has changed a lot of things, by:

  • Transforming how businesses engage with their customers
  • Helping entrepreneurs to digitally reach out to a certain set of people
  • Making it simple for enterprises to deliver value before asking for anything from the potential client
  • Replacing business cards (which are frequently thrown away) by appearing in your viewer’s feed

Social media has shown very effective results for many businesses, but this is not an overnight task for any of those. To create a strong presence online, one needs to follow a proper pattern that can help you escalate your business.

Factors That Are Constant In Social Media Marketing

However, during all this, there are a lot of things that have changed on social media, as well. The so-called marketing principles of these platforms keep evolving now and then, which often makes it a tedious task to deal with for businesses.

For all of us who operate in the digital space, this ongoing transformation tends to lead us to believe that marketing concepts are always changing. The fact is that certain constraints around marketing concepts have never altered.

Some crucial aspects have stayed consistent while the social media marketing campaign has evolved from Facebook to Pinterest to Instagram and a lot more. Here are a few social media marketing concepts that will almost certainly never change.

  • Creativity Will Always Be The King

There is no bank account, as such, which provides you access to tons of likes, shares, retweets, or viral explosions. The audience that you plan to target will be wiser when it comes to giving you credit for what you have created for them.

They make sure to check through all the contents and see if you are reliable enough for them to trust upon. Hence, the main mantra today and forever to be highly acceptable on social media is – Be creative, open-minded, opportunistic, and unique. It is going to help you keep an eye on the bottom line.

There is an entire ocean of creators, influencers, and businesses on social media. To stand amongst them, you need to make sure that you create content that is both creative and engaging.

Keep it brief and to the point. The finest “marketing” is promoting that is not overly commercial. Whenever it comes to social media pitches, deception is a nice thing. When the creative aspects get too complicated, take a step back and address the problem by looking for a simple, efficient strategy to reach your audience.

  • Marketing Success Trio Has Stayed The Same

“Right market gets the right message by the right media.”

Just delivering a simple boring message to millions of people via social media achieves nothing for most firms. Many popular companies like Red Bull or  GoPro are excellent examples of brand builders who have used viral video clips and social media to ascend from anonymity to prominence in the marketplace.

However, your company is unlikely to be similar to theirs. You must use extreme caution when imitating and mimicking firms that have a lot of common ground with your own. Always begin with considering your capital and human resources. Consider capital and human resources. Suppose you’re supporting your firm’s development with revenues or money obtained by leasing your house and your assets. In that case, you are undoubtedly in a very different position than a firm that receives hundreds of millions in venture funding.

Moving on further, the viral explosive contents are not just the ones that the consumers love. There is a lot more that they like, such as:

  • Current news and political articles are shared at a lower rate of 2%, but they are clicked on at a rate of 86 and 77 percent, correspondingly.
  • Health-related news is shared by 3% of the population, and they receive 15% clicks.
  • Users are most inclined to share science-related articles, news, and material, yet just 9% of person-to-person receivers click on the links shared with them on these topics.
  • Business news receives only 24% clicks and 4% shares.
  • Celebrities and showbiz content have a 2% share but a 40% click rate.
  • Customer reviews of items and businesses: 1% share, 4% click
  • Personal finance content gets 1% of the shares, 11% of the click.

The numbers mentioned above differ so much in terms of shares and click rates because of the ‘ego sharing.’ It means that the senders will keep sending the content that they think will increase their knowledge, awareness, and so on, irrespective of whether receivers will consider it fascinating or not. The overall average is 3% content sharing and 24% receivers clicking on shared links.

The solution to getting on the top priority of the users is the following;

  1. Firstly, attempt to collaborate with a closely selected list of thought-leaders, market leaders, and prominent receivers to offer material of great value that will elevate their status if shared.
  2. Second, you need a large amount of outreach; therefore, the 3% is important.

Despite everything we have said above, you may make an argument for including social media as a means of your marketing campaign. However, treat it tactically, with the same direct-response and good business concepts as you would any other media platform.

Target the right audience with the right content at the right time.

  • People Will Always Buy A Feeling

Don Draper clearly said on AMC’s Mad Men that people buy emotions and not products whenever they shop online. Despite the fact that it may appear differently these days, Apple is a corporation that has perfected this notion. When you purchase a new iPad, you are essentially purchasing a membership card for an elite group of Apple consumers.

The necessity to elicit an emotion in the customer has existed since the golden age of TV ads. It is up to us how we transfer these amazing marketing ideas to the web to optimize our businesses. There are endless examples on the internet to see how different organizations try their best to create the ‘oh-my-gosh-need-to-buy-it’ feeling content to woo their customers.

Empathy and emotions are mandatory for you to instill in the content when you want people to trust your products.

Final Thoughts

Technology and innovation keep evolving at a fast pace. As social media marketing company rush to stay up, it is critical to remember that some tried and tested marketing fundamentals never change.

Ensure that you always keep in mind that your creativity and properly structured marketing concepts will help you gain the needed attention on social media. The proportionate combination of creativity, empathy, and the right audience is what will stay forever in the social media marketing world.

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