Is It Time To Replace Your Boxing Gloves? – Practical Tips To Prolong Their Life


Are you really one of those who shop for the durability of the product? To have a product that lasts you a lifetime, or at least a significant part of it? Well, why not? After all, in things that require a considerable monetary investment, like a luxury car, an expensive showpiece for the lounge, or even your boxing gear, you don’t want to rid yourself of it just so soon.

But the real question is, with items like the boxing gear, even if they are your premium, most loved customized boxing gloves,

  • What determines the ideal life of your faithful, shining armor?
  • How long must you hold on to them?
  • How can you possibly enjoy the gloves bought with your hard-earned money for as long as possible, how can you increase their life?

Mind you though, we’d just stick to the boxing gear, especially the boxing gloves, that are in continuous use, not the ones once bought with all the excitement and later locked away with a similar amount of laziness.

The Ideal Life of The Boxing Gloves

If you are a boxing trainee or have simply adopted boxing as a workout routine for a healthier lifestyle, the lifetime of your gear could differ quite a lot. The reason is plain as day. The nature of usage would be completely different and so would be the intensity of punches. In fact, it is likely that your boxing workout schedule does not include any bag work at all and is rather focused on moves in the air.

So why look at the matter in isolation and generalize it all. As we go on and discuss later in the article, some important points are at play when assessing the life of your glove. However, let’s also be clear that in general, your boxing gloves might last you for as minimum as 6 months and as long as a couple of years, all dependent on your type and amount of usage. All the more incentive to keep trying those in-style customized boxing gloves that are available these days with brands like Infinitude Fight.

Just a few clicks in the 3D customizer and there you are, trying out and enjoying your personalize choice every other period of time.

Recommended Tenure of usage

How about we try and understand this rather easily in terms of different types of boxing gloves and hence the purpose and nature of usage they are bought for. A constant assumption here, you’re using these for reasonable time every week, let’s say at least 3-4 times. But do we have some basic criteria in mind, oh we do!

Keep a trace of usage rounds

120-150 rounds per month would mean you are using your training gloves at least 5 times per week, which is enough to impact the padding around the knuckles. Should you notice your knuckles feeling the punch harder, it might just be the time to go shopping one more time. About 10 months or so could be a likely time for that round of change, add your gloves for bag work to the same list.

Remember what sparring really is? A rehearsal of a real fight, only with better protection. With the sparring gloves, the basic rule of thumb remains the same, replace as soon as the leather starts to wear out beyond just a basic degree or the padding becomes thin, some experts recommend the presence of at least 1.5- 2 inches of padding as a safe zone sparring. Considering the nature of activity here, these might need replacement sooner than the training gloves, maybe around 6-8 months.

Cleanliness Matters

Ok, so this one’s true for all forms of gear you use, the headgear, guards, the gloves and even your wrist wraps. Apart from the potential risk of getting some form of bacterial infection, maintaining the boxing gear’s hygiene is an important contributor to the over life too. You can test it to believe it. Here are some tips to keep that clean routine going.

  • Machine wash only if the label guidelines allow. Avoid in case of genuine leather gloves anyway
  • Invest in hand and wrist wraps – for hand protection as also against excessive exposure to sweat and blood
  • After every usage, wipe them clean with a cotton swab or a tissue paper. Even better to sun dry or air dry – let ‘em breathe!
  • Disinfect and sanitize often, sure way to protect against bacterial infections especially if you are ok with sharing them with friends – we recommend otherwise though, avoid sharing especially not that pandemics like the COVID-19 are out in public!
  • Polish- the genuine as well as synthetic leather demand some extra care in order to avoid being dried out

Consider this an Investment not a Purchase

While this may not apply to all cases, the brand name does speak of the quality on offer- for the gloves making, external material, finish, padding, everything! After all, they charge you a premium for a reason, and that reason must be supported with evidence.

No wonder the professional fighters have a fixed set of brands they would use for their bouts, for the not so professionals yet, there are reliable and more affordable options like Infinitude that offer over the counter as well as custom made gloves in high-quality genuine leather too. Even for a couple of extra bucks, you can’t compare the value you get; product quality, finishing, personalization, express delivery, all packed in one.

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