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The technology world is in full throttle over the past couple of decades and credit goes to all the IT professionals that are behind it. The wave of technological advancement hardly left any area untapped hence our lives are fully defined by the use of the latest and improved technologies.

One such technology is mobile devices. There were times when having a single analog mobile device in houses was enough for a whole family because back in the day, mobile phones’ only purpose was to channelize voice to voice communication. No one knew that after 10 odd years, mobile phones would become a single hub for all the information and connectivity in the world. And that has happened, thanks to all the development that has been made in all these years.

The constantly increasing number of mobile phones and the cheap availability of the internet is another reason why mobile phones are considered to be the most convenient and optimal option. With 3.5 billion currently active mobile devices in the world, there’s no other technology device that even comes near to this number. And the interesting thing is that the number of mobile phones is projected to hit the 7 billion mark by the end of 2027.

Ask yourself a question, “What we do on mobile phones”? We use different applications for different purposes. There are social media apps in form of Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, etc. There are navigation and commute assistance apps like Google Maps and Uber and the list goes on. Mobile apps not only have changed our lives in a good way, but their utility and application are great in the business spectrum. Almost 62 % of businesses today are keen to get mobile apps.

In this article, I’ll discuss which are the top 12 mobile app development companies in New York and what are their core expertise in mobile app development. This is aimed at making it easier for you to look and hire such a company that serves your organization’s best interest and helps you in achieving your desired goals.

List Top 12 Mobile App Development Companies

  • Utility:

Utility is a New York-based mobile app development company that was founded back in 2013. Their core focus is on developing, designing, researching, and strategizing beautiful mobile-driven experiences. They offer a healthy team size of 51-200 employees. Their other office is located in Los Angeles, CA.

Their services include iOS app development, Android app development, UI/UX design and strategy, mobile game development, and web portal development. Their clientele includes some renowned names such as Airbnb and Football Genius. For hourly-based projects, they charge $100 – $149 given that how complex a project is.

  • SoftCircles:

Launched in 2012, SoftCircles is one of the leading developers of mobile applications in New York. The company runs on the sole motive of adding value to mobile app experiences. Their other office is located in Madison Verona, Wisconsin.

They too have a healthy number of employees working for them i.e. 25-50. They are specialized in designing, developing, both native and cross-platform mobile applications. Their tech stack includes modern-day languages and frameworks such as Java, Kotlin, Objective C, Swift, React Native, and Flutter. They also provide maintenance & support and quality assurance services.

They work on both fixed-budget and hourly-based projects. As per their official website, their starting hourly rate varies from $40 – $49. One of their renowned clients is the Spanish football club Real Madrid.

  • Tapptitude:

Tapptitude is a New York-based company that not only develops but helps their clients in the concept and post-develop stages of a mobile project as well. It was founded back in the year 2013. They work for a mix of digital startups and some well-established large organizations globally.

Their team size varies between 51 – 200 employees that they offer for staff augmentation as well. They have developed their expertise in conceptualizing mobile apps, designing UI/UX, developing mobile apps, and scaling mobile apps. They charge $100 – $149 for hourly projects.

  • Saritasa:

Saritasa is one of the finest and leading software development companies in New York City. The company started its operations back in the year 2005 and till now it has completed more than 1700 different projects globally.

Their prime expertise lies in developing cross-platform mobile applications, development of web applications, and custom software development. Saritasa is also featured in Clutch’s top 10 list of software development companies in New York.

Their clientele involves some big industry names such as Sony, Disney, and Yamaha. If you hire them for an hourly-based project, they will charge $100 – $149.

  • Cubix:

Cubix was established 8 years ago in 2013 in New York. It’s a multinational mobile development company that has its offices in other parts of the world as well. They entirely focus on leveraging mobile applications with the technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Machine Learning.

Their team size varies between 51-200 employees. Their expertise lies in conceptualizing, designing, developing, and integrating mobile solutions in complex business environments. Their hourly rate varies from $25 – $49 which makCubix a very handful option for both the startups and large corporations.

  • O2Soft:

O2Soft is a New York-based software development company that specializes in designing and developing native and cross-platform mobile applications using modern world programming languages and frameworks. They are originally based in the London, UK

They offer intuitive UI/UX design services and have a specialized team for project managers and QA testers. O2Soft started its operations back in 2016 and has earned a lot of reputation from its worldwide clients during all these years. Some of their clients include Ard Pro and Muscat Livestock.

Their team strength varies from 20-49 employees and they charge $25 – $49 for hourly-based mobile app projects.

  • Saffron Tech:

Saffron Tech is also an NYC-based software development company. It was established in 2008 and has emerged out to be a single destination for mobile app other software development projects.

Working with them means you have hands-on revolutionizing mobile technologies and frameworks. At Saffron, they have expertise in mobile app designing, development, testing, and scaling. Their team is well over 200 experts from different IT fields that make it a top choice for businesses to choose. Their hourly rate is $25 – $49.

  • Thoughtbot:

Thoughtbot is a team of expert design and development consultants based in New York. They bring web and mobile products from validation to success. Their motive is, “It’s time to move beyond simply building features and start designing the right product with the right strategy”. The Thoughtbot team is driven by our purpose and values.

Benefit from over 17 years of experience designing and building successful products. They offer a great array of services such as app research, app conceptualizing, designing, and development.

Working with them means, you’ll be working with a small, dedicated team of project-focused product experts built to fit your needs. Their team strength falls between 25-49 and they charge $25 – $49 for hourly projects.

  • Five:

Five is a Brooklyn, NY-based mobile app development company that started back as a small workshop in 2005. They are a team of extreme learners and quality experts that have worked for various business sectors.

They provide a full cycle of services that include product discovery, product design and development, and product marketing. Their team size is great i.e. 250-500 employees. And they are best for large corporations that often are in search of outsourced staff.

 If you are to hire them on an hourly basis, they will charge you $100 – $149 per hour.

  • Zco Corporation:

Zco Corporation has been living and breathing software development since 1989. A tried-and-true vendor choice, Zco creates attractive, resilient products for its clients through proven and reliable methods. As one of the largest app development companies in the world, Zco is passionate about its mission to provide expert software services.

As being one of the oldest and reputable software companies, Zco offers an array of mobile development services such as project discovery, app integration, app design, and development. They offer a huge team of i.e. almost 500 employees that are always up to embark on new journeys and experiences.

If you are to hire them on an hourly basis, they will charge you $100 – $149/hour.

  • Tivix:

Tivix is a New York-based software development firm that specializes in different aspects of mobile development for instance app design, app development, app growth marketing, and post-development services such as QA and maintenance and support.

They are also located in central Europe and some parts of South Asia. Since its inception back in 2008, it is focused to provide cutting-edge technological solutions to different businesses from different industry backgrounds.

They charge $49 – $100 on an hourly basis that varies from project to project.

  • Andersen:

Andersen is relatively a large development company. It was founded back in 2008 in New York and now it has its footprints in more than 11 different countries globally.

Their team size is huge i.e. 1900 employees directly work for them. Their mobile development service line includes UI/UX design, development and research, integration and app scaling, and app marketing.

For hourly projects, they charge $25 – $49.


While preparing this list, I took into account various factors such as a company’s number of experiences, their team size, their infrastructure, and technology stack, and what they cost according to the value they provide.

Some of the above companies also rank high in the list of Clutch and Goodfrims list of top-rated mobile app developers in New York. I hope you find this article helpful, and it ease your outing if you are in search of reputable, expert, and budget-friendly mobile app developers.

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