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What is Dynamics 365 for Marketing?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing is the first official app under Dynamics 365 umbrella that is dedicated to marketing. It provides SMBs with all the tools that they need to execute successful marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

Being a part of Dynamics family, it uses the same interface and Common Data Model to store and share data with other applications. The marketing application is benefitting by being so closely integrated with other branches of Dynamics CRM systems including Dynamics 365 for Sales and Customer service. Since these apps are constantly in sync, the Dynamics 365 for Sales partners can deliver with all the required consultation and customizations required. Here we will discuss the various features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing.

Features for Dynamics 365 for Marketing:

  1. Customer journey creation:

Before developing marketing strategy or campaigns, a team of marketers or the organization executives have to map out the customer journey. The customer journey shows, exactly how, the customer discovered your business, learned more about the product or services, evaluated their other options, and finally converted into a customer.

Having this journey mapped out is like leaving clue for the company to analyze the entire process of conversion and to keep the prospects following the path to become customers.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing transforms the customer journey from a hypothetical concept to an actionable and customizable model. One of the features of the apps is “drag and drop customer builder” where the users are able to create unlimited number of customized workflows. These again can be assigned to specific segments of contacts.

It is also possible to automate each step in the journey for execution, e.g. sending an email through scheduling or when triggered by any customer action. These workflows can be broken down into further activities in accordance with the customer reaction.

Owing to the customized customer journey brought to you by Dynamics 365 for Marketing, you are able to provide personalized experiences to your customers and can also visualize their campaign and streamline their marketing operations with event-driven automation.  

  • Multichannel campaigns:

The campaigns that you create with the app can be rolled out across a multitude of channels. They come with templates and design tools that can be used to promptly put up together branded e-mails with professional appeal and appearance, dynamics landing pages, and lead capture forms which focus on initiating conversations.

Here you can also create text messaging and social media campaigns to retain greater control over social media marketing. Moreover, this app integrates with Microsoft Social Engagement, which comes in package with any of the CRM apps of the suit.

  • Even management:

Dynamics 365 for Marketing stands out due to its native event management tools. In the resent times, professionals consider marketing to be largely about providing value to your present and prospective customers. Personal events like conferences, seminars etc. are a good way to do that. The Marketing application comes with plenty built in tools to help this process.

The event management features of the application provide a comprehensive functionality for planning event logistics that include venue, and speaker management, registrations, scheduling, and tracking attendance.

In addition to this, the application also comes with a portal management system, with the companies can use to create a branded event portal and the attendees can manage their profile, registrations, attendance; in the same. They can also get all the information that they need about the event, e.g. speakers, timetables etc.

  • Lead management:

Not to forget that the end goal of marketing campaigns is to generate leads. Dynamics 365 for Marketing comes with efficient lead management tools that assist the users to track, score, and nurture leads more efficiently.

Based on certain predetermined rules such as email engagement, website visits, and event registration, the application qualifies leads at every step of the customer journey. This system is intuitive and automated. This enables the businesses to rate leads based on criteria that suggest what is most important to them.

The application also comes with lead dashboards which help the marketers to get an overview of the lead quality based on perimeters like age, interacting, and pipeline progression.

These are some of the features and there are more. For a demonstration you can contact a Dynamics 365 for Sales Partner.


This article provides an overview of the marketing application from Microsoft named Dynamics 365 for Marketing. It briefly demonstrates some of the features of an efficient and intuitive application.

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