How AI is Helping Us to Fight against Covid-19 Crisis?


Artificial Intelligence is an emerging source in various aspects, in this article we will look at how AI is helping to combat the spread of COVID-19 and how successful it has been in implementing safety measures.

1. Healthcare Agents – As the number of cases is increasing in a larger amount, this pandemic has disturbed each and every country’s economy to the core. Still, some people do not feel the prompt environment to wear a mask while going out to eat or meet friends or for work purposes. Through AI a Canada-based Stallion has put forward their best step to come up with a multilingual virtual healthcare agent.

This agent has its own benefits while in a situation like this, it is advised or customized to give adequate information about the pandemic and prescribe proper guidelines, it can suggest or advice the patients if they need to have a proper check-up or self-isolating themselves is enough by making sure of the symptoms.

2. AI Surveillance – To help curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus, various teams from different countries are trying to create reliable sources of AI that could help with the diagnosis of patients as there is a shortage of doctors and surveillances. This has also done justice to the technological aspect of immediate diagnosis, which also required immediate measures.

Linking MEd, developed by a medical data analysis company platform situated in Beijing, is acting as a diagnostic AI to help monitor patients and give a truthful yet quicker diagnosis for any symptom/s related to the virus. Pneumonia, being one of the symptoms of Covid-19, can be monitored and diagnosed just with a CT scan, along with an accuracy of around 92% as well as a recall rate of 97%.

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3. AI Drones or Robots – At times of strict social distancing and careful safety measures, drones and robots are being in more use for the spreading of correct information within the society/people. These drones are advised to check for people without masks and track them, they are also required to broaden each individual’s horizon through the proliferation of reliable information and also disinfect the public gathering areas.

MicroMultiCopter, a company based in Shenzhen has assembled the idea of these drones and deployed them in public places. Rather than delivery boy’s or individuals, robots are into use for delivering food or medical supplements. Properly sanitizing and cleaning of the isolation rooms have also been advised to these robots.

4. Bifurcating Misleading Information – Rumors, myths, and fake information has accelerated rapidly due to the pandemic, it is infeasible to take out the fake or wrong information about the virus. Multinationals like Google and Face book are trying their levels to put an end to the myths and rumors about the virus and bestow the public with authentic information. There are so many misleading or false videos on YouTube that give out wrong information to us, these videos are being taken down and links for credible sources are put up which also lead to WHO’s the official site.

If you search for Covid-19 or coronavirus, then an alert sign has been put up which clarifies if the site is credible and has attested information rather than false rumors. These steps or measures taken by AI technology have resulted in a positive impact on the economy of various countries. We do need such technologies which help us in uncertainties and putting forth a hopeful surrounding.

5. Symptom Detector AI – Thermal cameras have been used as detectors for symptoms of the Coronavirus, but with a drawback of a handler or operator of the machine. Still, the machine helps in recognizing the face of individuals and detecting whether they have any symptoms that lead to the spread of coronavirus, whether they have a fever or whether the individual is wearing a mask or not. These thermal cameras are put up at airports, in nursing homes, hospitals, and other areas.

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