How Companies Can Ensure Maximum Security for Their Network


There is always a possibility to hack the network in one way or the other but making it impossible for 99 percent of people helps your company to stand out in the security segment. Every company needs security firewalls to protect their company and employees data. Privacy is the most important factor for the client to hand over the project to any company. So, to stand out in the crowd companies have to ensure that the maximum security was provided to the client’s data and no possible data breach will happen.

Every hacker follows some protocols to hack the network in their way and it will be unique for every hacking network. There are many types of hackers around the world and some do hacking just for fun and some for ransomware and few people to test their penetration skills. To keep your network safe from all these types of people, multiple layers of security are essential and data breaches have to be notified immediately using triggers so that the company can take the system offline and analyze the damage.

How Companies Has To Secure Their Networks

Below are some of the tips to secure your company network and getting back with minimal loss is the best security practice you need to implement. Recently maze hackers group attacked Cognizant, one of the biggest IT Firms, and immediately Cognizant have taken the system offline, removed all the viruses, and brought them back online within a week.

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This type of immediate response to the situations will be appreciated by clients and no network can defend it every time and Maze is one of the world’s best hacking groups which has also attacked few other big companies like Chubb.

Enabling Multiple Firewalls –

Firewalls are the first layer of security for any network and enabling multiple firewalls will add more security to our network by acting as multiple layers of security. Most of the companies enable 5-6 highly encrypted layers of security with Third generation firewalls for better protection against hacking threats.

Adding triggers to every firewall layer is highly advisable, as the security team will be notified that someone from outside the network is trying to access the network. This helps the security team to prevent the hacker from entering into the network.

Also, sending the complete traffic over HTTPS helps in securing the network.

Educating Your Employees –

Whatever the security you provide, it blocks the outsiders from entering into the network by breaking the security chains. It’s equally important to educate your company employees on phishing emails and how one has to respond to those types of emails. Most hackers target the networks with a Phishing email with fake webpages, which store all your credentials on the hacker server.

Once your credentials are compromised then the hacker can enter into the network using those credentials and plant the bug in the network.

Concentrating on Sensitive Data –

The company has to prioritize the security protocols based on the sensitivity of the data. For employees’ personal information and the company’s confidential information, the Security team has to add an extra security layer with multi-factor authentication and secure them with OTP’s.

For example, a company like Netflix has to target more on the subscriber’s details than the methods, which other people are using to get free Netflix subscriptions forever by accessing loopholes. Because once security is compromised people lose trust in your network and finally end up in making huge losses for your business.

Responding To Attacks –

Not every attack will look the same. Some budding hackers will try to penetrate the networks using common hacking techniques, which will end up in getting caught. If the company identifies those types of attempts then it’s better to block the IP’s and prevent them from accessing further. Also, for common attacks, we don’t need to panic more and bring down the complete network as it causes huge business loss, and client’s also might feel unsecured.

Responding properly to the attack based on its type is the main key for the business to survive during hacking attempts.

In addition to this, transparent communication also helps in improving your relationship with the client. Every network is prone to breaches and everyone is aware of that but communicating the effect of the attack on the client regularly helps your client to understand what’s going on in the company. The client also appreciates your transparent communication.

Every company different security methods to secure their systems and encrypting and decrypting the complete traffic over the network on both ends is highly suggested for the companies.  

These are the basic and best security practices every company must follow to keep your network secure. If we have missed out on any important security rule that has to be followed then do comment down in the below comments section. We will be hanging around to answer your queries.

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