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Cyber threats are everywhere, lurking right around the corner of the world wide web. One wrong click can lead you right into the trap of bad actors, costing you your data, money, reputation, and more. Cyber threats come in many forms. Data leaks, backdoors, spyware, ransomware, crypto miners, the digital world is plagued with digital diseases. Having an anti-virus and firewall won’t cut it anymore.

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, damages from cybercrime will cost $6 trillion per year by 2021, a 50% increase from 2015. It is becoming extremely important that organizations adopt a cybersecurity culture at their workplace, now more than ever, to minimize the loss from cyber incidents.

Why a cybersecurity culture is important?

Hackers are always on the move, trying to think on their feet, finding new ways to scam people on the internet. Individuals who are not cyber secure end up becoming victims of hackers who leak their sensitive data on the dark web for sale. But how does this affect organizations? Most of the adult population either have their own business or work for someone else. These high-risk individuals use their devices to access their organization’s files and communicate within their organizations.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these individuals end up posing a direct threat to their employer’s business. It is, thus, nothing less than vital for organizations of all kinds, to promote a culture of cybersecurity among its workforce so that people cannot only become cyber safe professionally but personally as well.

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What does a good cybersecurity culture look like?

A good cybersecurity culture means thinking about holistic cybersecurity. It includes planning, implementing, and controlling the cyber safety process. Cybersecurity is not a linear process. It requires safety on multiple levels, out of the box thinking, strategic planning, and more. Having a dedicated cybersecurity team is an intrinsic part of a good cybersecurity culture in any organization.

Cybersecurity is a full-time job and probably one of the most important and dynamic roles in the current digital world. Employee training, third-party service providers’ security, investment in offensive security (for example, hiring professionals with certified ethical hacker certification), strict security policy-making are some steps companies can take to ensure they stay cyber safe, or at least, prepared for cyber attacks.

How can organizations build a helpful cybersecurity culture?

Organizations need to start from the basics and instill the concept of security in everyone making sure that employees understand that the company’s security resides in each one of their hands. Along with making threat detection and reporting easier, companies can also create a culture of rewarding those who follow safety practices and help make the organization more secure. Encouraging security personnel to undertake extra security training as an additional skill (for example, CHFI online training or ECIH training), providing security products for remote staff’s devices, and performing regular sanitization checks can help keep the cyber threats at a distance and prepare your business for a crisis.

What individuals need to do to contribute?

Individuals, as part of an organization, need to make sure they stay informed and alert at all times. Watching out for suspicious activities, staying away from illegal websites, verifying links before clicking on them, relying solely on trusted sources for information, using multi-factor authentication, keeping strong passwords, sanitizing their devices regularly are some ways that will make sure that cybersecurity is always a top priority among individuals.

Remember that cultivating a cybersecurity culture can do wonders for your organisation and it’s not rocket science to execute. With the right attitude and approach, you can transform your weakest security points into your strongest allies.

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