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Whatsapp is progressing leaps and bounds when talking about increasing users. The current active users are more than two billion that are using the messenger. It is becoming the most popular source of communication among users globally.

The messenger allows connecting with local as well as international contacts instantly, allows to exchange multimedia, and empowers to make voice and video calls and share real-life happenings with the contacts and much more.

According to a survey, the messenger is used by every smartphone user globally without any exception. With the evolution of technology, the smartphone is in use by everyone, either young or old, a kid or a teen.

The parents are raising concerns over the use of Whatsapp by the kids as many complaints have been filed for the instances of harassment and cyber bullying on kids featuring Whatsapp as the source.

Moreover, the presence of inappropriate content over the messenger is another weak link that needed to be coped with, the content gets circulated among the Whatsapp groups, and kids are more prone to indulge in this, which may affect their academic as well as social life.

Talking about the business world, employers also have reservations over the user of Whatsapp over the workplace. The employees remain in communication with friends and family at the workplace, which affects productivity and, ultimately business performance.

On the other hand, employers are having a more serious concern, which is the sharing of business secrets with unconcerned or unauthorized people. Some of the employees, over differences with the employer, may seek to damage the business interests for gaining unlawful benefits.

So, in order to cope with the concerns of parents and employers, the Whatsapp monitoring application is required. There are number of spy services that are available to monitor the target users’ Whatsapp activity, but the best of them is Ogymogy.

Ogymogy, incorporated in 2011, aimed to serve the businesses and parents for the betterment of businesses and kids. The spy app monitors all the activities over Whatsapp with secrecy, all this is done without any hint to the target user. We will have a look at the Whatsapp monitoring flair of the app.

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Ogymogy – Best Whatsapp Monitoring App

Monitoring All the Chats

Ogymogy Whatsapp monitoring facility allows to tracks all the chats of the target user. All the one-on-one and group chats can be monitored extensively.

The parent can stalk into the chats to know if the kid is suffering from any emotional or mental torture by anyone; the chats may be spied on for the likes of harassment and cyberbullying alongside the inappropriate content that kid is not supposed to indulge in.

The employer can use the feature to know the whereabouts of the employee activities over the workplace; the employer can find out what the employee does over the workplace. Moreover, the feature can be used to find out if the employee is in communication with the unconcerned people; if this is so, the necessary action will be taken by the employer.

Spying All the Multimedia  

All the multimedia is in full control of the end-user using the Whatsapp monitoring app. The parent can spy on all the multimedia if it is appropriate for the kid, the parent can decide to retain or remove the content.

The parent can even restrict the specific contact to access the kid by blocking the certain contact virtually.

The employer can monitor all the exchanged images and documents to know if all the communication meets the company policy and in line with the prescribed standards. Upon finding any suspicious content that may harm the company’s interest, the employer can turn the screws to protect the business.

Monitoring All the VoIP and Video Calls

The messenger furnishes the feature of VoIP and video calls to the users. The VoIP and video calls can be listened to and monitored in real-time by the parent; the calls can also be recorded and saved to the online dashboard.

The employer can also use the app to listen and monitor all the VoIP and video calls to know the intentions of employees.


Ogymogy is found to be the best Whatsapp monitoring application that serves all the needs of the parents and employers, by all means, the features include but are not limited to spying the chats, multimedia, and VoIP and video calls.

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