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Snap chat is one of the most downloaded and interactive apps in 2020. It has helped build opportunities for various creators and small businesses with its broad reach. With its multimedia features ranging from snapping with fun filters to playing games with friends, with a click of a button, Snap chat has got it all. And, ( is a site that helps you acquire a number of Snapchat accounts!

Over the past few years, snap chat has been the go-to app for clicking pictures and videos and has gained popularity amongst youth. Whether you’re new to snap chat or a snap master, these crazy hacks will surely help you upgrade your snap game. These hacks are the non- intuitive features of snap chat that are hidden or not easily accessed through the click of a button. Here are six crazy hacks that you should definitely try, ranging from retrieving your personal data to increasing your snap score we’ve got you covered. Let’s get started.

1. How To Increase Your Snap Score?

We all know someone who flexes and brags about their snap score. With this practical and easy hack, you, too, can increase your snap score in no time. All you’ve got to do is follow these steps.

Step1– add a bunch of random celebrities or pages.

Step2-send a snap to all the celebrities/pages you’ve added ( The snap could be blank or anything random).

Step3-send this snap again and this time instead of individually selecting them, select send to the ‘last snap’ option. Voila, your snap score will increase based on the number of people you’ve sent it to.

2. Fake A Snap From Photo Of Your Camera Roll

Imagine texting your crush, and they ask you to snap their face, but you’ve oiled your hair, and your makeup isn’t looking good, or maybe you just don’t look your best that day. Don’t worry, here is a hack that would come in handy.

Step1– Open snap chat, select search, and type “upload.”

Step2– You’ll see a list of lenses/filters, choose anyone of them.

Step3– Open the selected lens from the lens menu. You can proceed to choose your desired image from your camera roll.

A super easy and fun way to fake a snap without them knowing!

3. How To Retrieve Your Old Data

We’re all aware that Snapchat deletes your messages after viewing them or 24 hours after seeing them. But what if I told you could gain access to your old conversations and even your search history? Yes! Snap chat saves all your deleted data.

Step1– open snapchat and select settings

Step2-scroll down and select the ‘my data’ option, login and request to share data.

Step3-you’ll receive an email from team Snapchat where all your data and information can be seen.

You can also see the exact date and time you’ve sent or received a message from someone. Try it!

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 4.Turn Off Your Ad Preference

Advertisements work by keeping track of the way you use a particular app. Snapchat does the same too. So if you are determined to limit the annoying ads or reduce the amount of data Snapchat has of you follow these steps, and you are good to go.

STEP1– Open Snapchat, click on the Settings option, and select ‘ad preference.’

Step2– disable audience-based, activity-based, and third- party ad network.

You’ll receive fewer ads, and you’re good to go.

5. Shazam Music Using Snapchat

Shazam is a music recognition app that can listen to music and tell you which song is playing. Well, now, instead of downloading the app, snapchat has an inbuilt shazam feature that can do the work for you!

Step1– all you’ve got to do is open Snapchat and long press on the camera screen with the song playing in the background.

The inbuilt shazam feature will detect and get the name of the song playing for you, all in just a single step.

6. Take Screenshot Without Notifying

Let’s admit it, we all found ourselves in situations where we wanted to take a screenshot without

Them knowing. This one is a well-known and overused snapchat hack. But in case you didn’t know here’s how you can do it.

Step1–  Open Snapchat and open the snap or story that you want to take a screenshot of.

Step2-turn off all your Bluetooth, wifi networks, and mobile data. Or put your phone on airplane mode.

Step3-Take the screenshot and restart your phone.

Step4– they will never know.

I would also like to put a disclaimer. With high power comes great responsibility, be careful while using the screenshot hack and use it with trust. So here are the top six Snapchat hacks that you could use to level up your Snapchat game and make your Snapchat experience efficient and comfortable.

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