Technological Innovations: How are We Able to Manage it?


The origin of data science and its analysis came into existence with Frederick Taylor’s Scientific Management that laid emphasis on the foundations of modern HR. His main concern was to turn the corporate offices into real-world psychological labs aiming at monitoring every move of the employees’ lest their performances can be boosted, and stress levels can be turned down.

The paradigm was quite unprecedented and henceforth; it exploded to new horizons in a short span of time. Gradually, marketing giants like Henry Ford, adopted this approach to analyze their data and productivity of the employees. It was one of the brilliant examples of data sciences and human engineering that incorporated science-infused formulas for the optimization of tasks and job designing for enhancing the competencies of employees.

Gradually, many more businesses around the world became a part of this drastic change in the transition period that reshaped the corporate world we are living in today.

 AI: A Revolution in the World of Technological Innovations 

Technological Innovations 

If we analyze the current scenario of the technological world from a couple of years, one of the modern innovations that took the revolution by storm all across the globe is none other than Artificial Intelligence. The paradigm of AI was itself brainstorming that came up with a new possibility that machines can respond according to human needs.

Although it seems quite fascinating, are we safe on the parts of securing our data that we are providing to these machines? Can we rely more on machines and data sciences that are utilising our information that may be personal or formal from the perspectives of cyber security?

The Ideology of Artificial Intelligence

The concept of AI is solely based on the data that we provide to them, however, data without insights are meaningless. These data need appropriate platforms that can help in adding values and worth to it. Technological platforms make proficient use of the information that human brains offer to them. Let’s take some examples in this regard.

  • For instance, once you visit a website; they usually ask for several details, like your contact information that may include your name, contact number, email address, and a lot more like your interest areas. This information is further used to recommend to you the links of other websites that match your interests.
  • Now, considering major social networking sites that are closely knit with the personal information of the individuals, these make drastic usage of data analytics to process the data an individual provides to them. There are several online social media platforms that people use to create individual profiles. However, at the time of signing up, they clearly mention in their terms and conditions that they would make use of the personal information for the research and development lest they can provide impeccable services on their particular platform.

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Another Face of Technological Advancements

There are a number of data-driven sites that have been questioned several times on the grounds of privacy concerns, security, and data breaching. In such situations, will it be possible to digest this fact we are efficiently managing the data in the age of consecutive technological innovations? AI has undoubtedly added comfort to the lifestyles of many people all across the world, and it will continue to do so with the use of data analytics, but are they reliable enough from the insights of cybersecurity?

Technological Advancements

Managing Technology & Innovation by Businesses at The Time of COVID-19

Keeping all the above things aside, we can say managing technology and innovation is supremely essential for any business irrespective of the situation, and technology, as well as innovation, has the potential to rescue you from catastrophes. For example, the outbreak of Coronavirus brought lots of unexpected scenarios. Still, the world, including scientists, business houses, medical professionals, found a way to handle the situation by employing technology & innovation.

The scientists and researchers utilize the technology and innovative practices to comprehend the virus’s impact, which was utterly enigmatic till the day. The rapid testing kits came into existence within a few weeks. They enhanced the testing capacity and can forget the machine-learning image-detection model from Alibaba, which detects Coronavirus’s development within 15 seconds.

If we delve more into it, we can find that renowned business giant registered themselves for producing life-saving masks; many automakers proposed building ventilators. There are infinite innovations on the table.  Although COVID-19 broke many businesses from their roots, they still found an innovative way to rise like anything thanks to forward-thinking technologies.

Businesses in the education sector invented a new way of edifying their students with virtual classrooms, eateries, and supermarkets introduced new approaches and safety measures to protect their customers and workforces. Moreover, the working professionals who were fortunate, lived through the newest technological platforms like Zoom and worked from the comfort of their home, and attended crucial meetings without difficulties. Similarly, such technology-aided students; who were looking for online assignment help, and connected them with experts and academicians.  

Final Words

The Pandemic showed us the competence of new-age communication technologies amidst COVID-19 and shot up with a great motivation to fight against the dreadful disease. Without a doubt, this arduous time will expire in the coming days, but we only go forward with technological advancements and drive innovations for handling momentous intricacies in the future.

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