5 Beautiful Traveling Destinations in the Whole World


As we all know that our World has huge numbers of beautiful and incredible places around the globe. But only a few of us could be able to explore a very few places of the World and see the real hidden secrets and treasures of these wonders of nature.  We all are very lucky that God Almighty blessed us with wonders or treasures and give us the ability to explore the secrets beneath the surface or in the mountains through our knowledge and dedication. We are blessed that we have much more to see and explore in the whole World. Many people have wished to see beautiful places, but could not get that chance due to a hectic routine and fast lifestyle.

 I am sure once you decide to explore such amazing and astonishing places of the World, you didn’t forget the breath-taking views and nostalgic moments spent there. If you want to see those wonders of nature from yourself, and once in a lifetime then I will recommend these beautiful and inspiring places of the World. Here, we bring 5 beautiful places and traveling destinations of the World and make your traveling worth-remembering and enlighten your traveling diary.

Every traveler has a pre-traveling places bucket, from where he could fetch the best traveling destination at any time and head toward that destination. Now open your arms and feel the real charm of the World, live tension free days, relax on the beach, wander around the beautiful streets and bump up to the mountains.

5 Beautiful Traveling Destinations

I would highly recommend to all travelers that narrow down tour traveling destination lists and must visit these 5 beautiful places once in your lifetime. Now it’s up to you to choose which destination you want to travel to first.

1. Venice and Amalfi Coast, Italy

Italy is considering one of the beautiful traveling destination in the World. If you want to make your traveling worth-remembering and amazing then you need to visit the beautiful floating city, Venice and the city of small beaches and landscapes, Amalfi in Italy. You can capture a huge number of a nostalgic moments in Venice while floating in the city; the city lifestyle and beauty hold your heart and feet to move anywhere else, there is something which holds your heart tightly. The water sound and reflecting light at night create amazing and astonishing spectacular moments. The arched bridges and floating lights on the water turned the city into a more romantic place in the World at night. The beautiful Italy holds many wonderful cities insides to capture traveler’s heart firmly, Amalfi Coast adds more colors and beautiful moments in traveler’s memories. The cities have many small beaches and small pastel-color fishing villages to attract more travelers from the whole World.

2. Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Pichhu is another beautiful traveling destination in Andes Mountains Peru. This beautiful place is located above the Urubamba River; the city is famous for its dry-stone walls and the fusion of huge blocks. Machu Picchu is the heritage site in the World, the golden heritage history of this city attracts tourists and travelers from the whole World. The iconic and beautiful city holds numerous architectural structures, terraces, and many beautiful and peaceful sacred valleys. If you want to make your traveling diary soulful which holds many historical adventures then head toward Machu Picchu, Peru. The city surrounded by large and small mountains and green fields which leave you amazed and breathless.

3. Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Japan

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest is a city of Japan with a forest filled with plenty of Bamboo trees. The unique bamboo forest attracts many visitors due to its natural lush green forest. As many of you have visited Japan then you know about the real charm of this beautiful part of the World.

Japan attracts many visitors or travelers from the whole World when the spring season arrives along with cherry trees across the whole country and converted it into a blossoming country. You can’t find more beautiful than this in the whole World. I highly recommend to all of you heading toward Japan and Arashiyama Bamboo forest at the beginning of the spring season. The greenery and floral beauty fill your heart with mesmerizing natural beauty and cool breeze.

4. Began, Mayanmar

Began is another beautiful historical city, you could get thousand of historical Buddhist temples and pagodas there. Began is also considered one of the archeological and ancient cities in Myanmar. The city is the perfect place for those who love to explore the history and ancient places. If you want to see the breath-taking whole city then going with the hot air balloon rides, especially in the morning. The evening makes the city which holds many historical secrets which are buried in the city. Began is the home of Buddhist temples, while on your traveling you can find thousand of historical and new temples in the city.

The historical places and temples creating an incredible and inspiring look and attract tourists to explore the hidden secrets buried in the whole city. Many tourism departments bring many students and travelers to visit this place and know about this historical city. The city now becomes one of the best travel destinations in the World.

5. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon is another wonderful traveling destination in the World and the most beautiful tourism place for bloggers and vloggers. The city gets its name from the watercolor from the silica-rich river. The watercolor is due to geometrical changes and algae living beneath the water surface. Many folk tailors create a myth about the city water that shines your skin and gives your skin a refreshing tone.

I highly recommend once again to all travelers and tourism departments to bring visitors to these amazing places and travel destinations of the World and make their traveling worth-remembering.

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