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When you are traveling with your pet, you bring yourself a huge responsibility. Having a pet is not less than having a small kid, and there is nothing that you can skip to lose an end of your caring thread. When you plan on traveling overseas with your pet, you have a huge checklist to avoid missing anything that could result in a problem later. It might get very exhausting for you to manage all the things all by yourself and to keep track of everything you must do!

To help you through the process, the below are a few points which will help you as a small guide to travel with your pet overseas:

When you make a usual small trip, it is not much of a problem as you probably consider a short road trip a better option for travel. When you are traveling by road things, get extremely convenient, comparatively. You are your own boss throughout the journey and can simply pull over around the store on the highway in case you forget some essentials for your pet while packing. But, it is not this simple when you plan on traveling overseas. Usually, due to large distances, you cannot take the road, and even if you take the road, the journey will not be as simple as those you have been taking for short trips. 

Complications come with time. When you plan a long journey by road, you have to take extra care of everything; like the condition of your vehicle, the certifications and permits for the allowance of your pet in another country, stock of food, a backup for pulling over to a hotel on the go in case it passes eighteen hours of a drive.

While the road journey must always be your last option considering how time-consuming and exhausting it is for a long hour’s drive, it gets even more exhausting when you are having a company of your furry friend. Animals are not used to changes and might react weirdly to them if they are scared or uncomfortable with it. You must make sure you are taking care of your pet’s needs throughout the journey.

moving pets

Another and more convenient way of moving pets is by air. There are two kinds of traveling options when you are with your pet, one, where you carry your pet just like your baby in a carriage along with checked baggage, while another; to ship them in cargo. When you are traveling domestically, you can easily carry your pet as baggage, but when you are taking an international trip, you need to get the approval of IPATA pet shipment. You must also make sure that you get your insurance covered for both you and your pet’s en route as well as when reaching the destination.

There are Certain Restrictions You must know before Planning The Journey and must make sure, you do not fall under these Restrictions:

Planning The Journey
  • Container size: Most airlines allow only IATA approved containers, which are as per the guidelines given by animal welfare. There are container specifications that you must take care of while getting your pet a perfect container. It must not be very small and should have enough space for your pet to stand and take a little stall around. It must contain two bowls for ease of feeding it for you as well as for the transporter.
  • Breed: There are certain dog breeds like pugs, bulldogs, Japanese spaniels, Pekingese, etc., which have some special conditions for traveling by air for overseas travel. You must get in contact with your airlines to make sure your pet does not fall under their book of restricted breeds to ensure a hurdle free journey for you and your pet.
  • Airlines are extra cautious towards the pet travel, and would not allow an animal who would seem uneasy or aggressive while in the container. Your pet must be used to stay in the container and should not act negatively or create a scary environment for other passengers. If your pet starts acting aggressively and is getting out of control, you must have a tranquilizer or anti-anxiety pills for it. 
  • To ensure these medications, you must make a visit to your pet’s vet before onboarding the plain. Airlines also have a certain age limit on the pets, and to ensure the age proof, they usually look into the submitted documents. Many airlines do not allow dogs of less than eight weeks and more than 12 years. Dogs of less than eight weeks are too small to travel and can experience anxiety attacks while traveling. Puppies are prone to be scared while on the flight. Many animals are afraid of heights and face a breathing problem while on the plain.

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