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Sri Lanka, a beautiful island country to visit with family and children is always the best family holiday, and it is a magnificent country. There are thrilling jeep safaris in the different national parks and museums are rich with the past of the island. There are many adventure water sports in Sri Lanka and the beaches are pristine. In Sri Lanka, there are endless things to do with children. Before planning a Lankan vacation, look at the best ones.

Sri Lanka Best Time To Visit

Sri Lanka’s topography is stunning and this magnificent nation on the island is the perfect time to visit. The west and southern coast of Sri Lanka, which includes Galle and Colombo, is ideal for explorations between December and March while the east of Sri Lanka, Passikudah and Trincomalee, is a decent time between May and September.

The best places to go in various months of the year are really interesting to know. Keep in mind the time when planning a trip with children to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka With Children 7 Best Things To Do

There is so much you can do in Sri Lanka from different safaris in national parks to water sports on the beach. Look at Sri Lanka’s best things to do with the baby.

1. Watching birds

Birds are the world’s gorgeous animals. A lot of people enjoy it. You will definitely enjoy visiting this beautiful place if you are one of them. They look distinctly different colors, heights, and shapes. By visiting this national park, you will discover their incredible world. Various bird species are found there. Birds such as Eurasian teal, sandpiper curls and sweet tarn, larger flamingoes, brown gulls, black-tailed godwit, Eurasian spoonbill, Eurasian Coot, northern pintail, slippers, wood sandpiper, etc. You just need to run into this National Park with your binoculars.

2. Safari Wild

You have a great opportunity of seeing wild animals as near as possible from Chundikulam National Park safari. You should analyze the world and watch closely what you do. This national park has many species, such as leopards, goats, sloth bears, and monkeys. In these national parks are also evident other than the mugger crocodile and the saltwater crocodile.

3. Kandy To Ella Train Ride

The train journey from Kandy to Ella takes more than six hours and offers the best-untouched nature is another highlight in Sri Lanka. The memorable trip through the best of the island country is among the world’s most spectacular train journeys. When the ride goes through the hills, waterfalls, tea plantations, clouds, and sunset, the panorama is nothing short of surreal.

4. Hot Air Ballooning Kandalama-

Watch from an exclusive location the stunning lushes of Sri Lanka! The Hot Air Ballooning in Kandalama represents an exquisite combination of excitement and serenity because when ballasting through colorful hot air balls, you can see stunning landscapes floating in the clouds. You shouldn’t skip this during your holidays in Sri Lanka. This one tour will make your holidays with friends or family a majestic and surreal experience.

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5. Elephant Contact

The Elephant Conference of Minneriya in August is one of the most special places you will be experiencing. It’s a rare sight to see the herd of elephants gather here, which you have to include in your Sri Lanka itinerary in August. This is an unforgettable phenomenon. Fun in August to witness Sri Lanka’s sight.

6. Jeep Safari Kaudulla National Park

Created in 1954, Senanayake Samudraya is the principal catchment area for Sri Lanka’s largest reservoir. The reservoir was formed by building a dam at Inginiyagala’s Gal Oya in 1950, under the Gal Oya construction project. Gal Oya is a rich elephant reserve covering a vast area 314 km from Colombo.

7. Tour to Colombo for tea and herb

The Sri Lankan tea plantations are the best way to avoid the hustle and bustle for nature lovers. Take a tour of the Colombo herbal and pristine tea gardens. See the greenery of the tea plantations and refresh yourself from the elegance of Colombo’s picturesque tea plantations.

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